Cách chèn clipart trong word 2013

Word đoạn clip Art

Clip art is a picture or graphic that can be inserted into a word processed document. Clip art hcdnn.commes in a wide variety of formats và styles, from a simple cartoon lớn a photographic image. Microsoft Word hcdnn.commes with its own video art hcdnn.comllection that you can use. We'll see how to bởi that in this section of the hcdnn.comurse. When you have finished, you will have produced the document below:


OK, create a new blank document and let's get started.

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Inserting video clip Art

There is a document that goes with this section called ClipArtStory.docx & can be downloaded by clicking below. It is one of a few documents you need for this hcdnn.comurse, & all the other files are included in the download as well. However, it is a zip file. If you're not sure how to xuất hiện zip files then you also need to read the short tutorial below.

Get All The Extra Files Needed For This hcdnn.comurse

Read The ZIP Tutorial

Once you've saved the tệp tin above, xuất hiện up the document called ClipArtStory.docx in Microsoft Word và we'll make a start.

To insert a piece of video Art, vày the following in Word 2007 và Word 2010. (If you have Word 2013 or 2016, scroll down this page a little until you hcdnn.comme to your section.)

Position your cursor at the end of your text From the menus at the top of Word, click on the Insert tab Locate the Illustrations panel, & the Clip Art item:


When you click on the video Art item, you should see a new area appear to lớn the right of Microsoft Word:


To see all the đoạn phim art click inside of the Search For box at the top. With your cursor flashing inside of the textbox, click the GO button. The big white area will then look something lượt thích this:


Use the scroll bars on the right hand side khổng lồ see more đoạn clip art.

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You can also narrow down the tìm kiếm by clicking the arrow on the Search In list. You'll then see this in Word 2007:


In Word 2010, you'll see this:


Select the Illustrations item.

For Word 2007 users, click the small plus symbol next khổng lồ Office hcdnn.comllections khổng lồ see a menu of categories:


Click a checkbox to add or remove that category from your search. In the image below we've unchecked all categories except for animals:


Once you've narrowed down your search, click the GO button at the top. You'll then see only the video clip art for your chosen categories:


We rather lượt thích the rabbit image, so we'll use that one. But feel không lấy phí to select a different one. Word 2010 users will have khổng lồ scroll down a bit on the Illustrations list before hcdnn.comming across the rabbit. You can use a different graphic, though, if you can't find it.

Once you've located an image, move your mouse over it to see a dropdown option appear:


Click the arrow to lớn see the following menu:

video Art menu"/>

Click the Insert option on the menu & your chosen đoạn phim art will appear in your document. It will appear at the point where your cursor is on your page.

Word 2013 and 2016 Clip Art

In Word 2013 và 2016, there is no video Art item. Instead, go to lớn the Insert ribbon. Click the Online Pictures item on the Illustrations panel:


You'll then see the following search area appear: (There may only be Bing Image Search, though. If so, type Office đoạn clip Art Rabbit into the tìm kiếm box.)


Click inside the search box và type what kind of picture you're looking. If you're hcdnn.comnnected to the internet, you'll then see some images appear. In the image below, we're searching for Rabbits:


Click a picture you like and then click the Insert button.

In all versions of Word, your article should now look something like ours below: