Recover deleted Microsoft Office files & recover valid data with Easy Office Recovery. Working with all versions of Microsoft Office from Office 95 to lớn 2010, Easy Office Recovery will repair Microsoft Word documents, recover Excel® files, repair PowerPoint® documents, và recover Microsoft Outlook mail, contacts và attachments. Its highly efficient document recovery functions can extract valid information from documents damaged severely enough khổng lồ not be recognized by Microsoft Office built-in recovery tools.

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Featuring state of the art, proprietary information recovery algorithms, Easy Office Recovery can achieve outstanding results in extracting valid data out of badly damaged documents. Tested on hundreds of documents in varying condition, Easy Office Recovery working in full tự động mode was able lớn match or exceed the results of the work of a qualified data recovery speciadanh mục 95% of the time. The ability of Easy Office Recovery khổng lồ automatically locate and recover missing & deleted Office documents from working, damaged, formatted and inaccessible hard drives makes it a perfect choice for homes and small offices alike. Even if only part of a document is available, Easy Office Recovery can still discover and recover usable data out of the document. Full pre-recovery preview of all types of Office documents is available. The pReviews displays all formatting, recognizes and displays embedded images and other objects. You can download Easy Office Recovery miễn phí here.
Please be aware accepts no responsibility for the file you are downloading. The same applies to the information provided about the software products listed. We vì chưng not allow the inclusion of any Easy Office Recovery serial, keyren or crachồng và we disclalặng any liability for the inappropriate use of Easy Office advises that Easy Office Recovery should be only used in accordance with the rules of intellectual property & the existing Criminal Code. For your own protection ALWAYS kiểm tra downloaded files for viruses.

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