Mana Khemia is the 9th entry in a Atelier series. The game is naquela quest based RPG where players adventure on assorted missions come complete ns game. Unlike a ordinary classic style RPG, alchemy is ns main focus of the game, definition players will discover e create items e weapons.

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PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 2
PlayStation rede (PSP)
PlayStation network (Vita)


This story puts you in a position that playing a boy named Vayne Aurelius. He is 1 day approached by der man called Zeppel who offers to remover him and his companion Sulpher come to find out alchemy. While in ~ the academia Vayne manages to make friends and learn around alchemy. But while attending the academy some one em ~ behind ns scenes is plotting Vayne’s downfall.


These ser estar the characters quem will join you on your adventure.

Vayne Aurelius: This is a main personality of Mana Khemia. He is claimed to be ns son of the famous alchemist Theofratus. Vayne has actually spent his vida in seclusion with apenas um his girlfriend Sulpher, the black cat who is his Mana. The is naquela reserved boy quem is easily persuaded.Sulpher (Non Playable): der black cat who has to be Vayne’s vida long companion. Is also Vayne’s Mana. He usar to be Theofratus" companion however when he passed away he ended up being Vaynes friend, life long companion e Mana.Jessica Philomele: Vayne’s classmate e first girlfriend at ns Al-Revis academy. She is a friendly girl. She loves alchemy e constantly tries to add novo ingredients come recipes which sometimes cause explosive results.Flay Gunnar: A higher grade student at the academia that tricks Vayne and his friends into joining his occupational shop. He is a Justice loving complimentary spirited individual. He also loves to pull pranks.Nicole Mimi Tithel: A hyper beastman garota who becomes a member that Flay’s work shop along com Jessica e Vayne. She loves to it is in outside and she loves come sing. She has naquela very amorous personality.Roxis Rosenkrantz: A stuck up transport student quem hates Vayne with naquela venomous passion. He is a very studious student who comes from a very well known alchemist family. That likes to distance himself from people e is not a very out going person.Anna Lemouri: A an extremely young girl who has mastered swordsmanship e now desire to try to mestre alchemy. She is der strong garota with enquanto sense that humor. Very orderly e no doubt a neat freak.Muppy Oktavia Wonderchak VIII: naquela foreign exchange student quem is literally a partir de out of this world. He wants to learn alchemy therefore he can fix his ship. That is an extremely odd and on chance you will compreendo a oportunidade to see his true intentions shine through in his evil smile.

Other Releases

When Mana Khemia was released in the US it was released in three different versions, naquela standard borda with durante extras, a premium borda which included a soundtrack featuring songs a partir de the game e a twin sided poster, e finally naquela premium box versão which had everything that ser estar in the premium borda plus der Jessica figurine e a unique collector"s box. A box set ser estar limited come 1,000 copies.

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A playstation Portable variation of Mana Khemia: Alchemist of Al-Revis was released in Japan ~ above June 21st 2008 under a title "Mana-Khemia Gakuen enquanto Renkinjutsushi-tachi Plus". One English variation of ns PSP game, which goes by ns title that Mana Khemia: student Alliance era released march 10th 2009 in the United States and March 27th 2009 in Europe. Ns PSP version features multiplayer battles e more items.

Bonus Soundtrack

The tracks the were contained on a bonus soundtrack:

01. Run para Your Life

02. Nostalgia of Studies

03. Dreams of a Black Cat

04. Future of dreams -Chorus-

05. Defesa of Justice has actually Come

06. Splendid Force

07. Vayne and Friends

08. Whistling Girl

09. Welcome to ns *Fluffy* Workshop

10. Student store Missy and Oldie

11. Hurry Up!

12. Ns Menace

13. Ah, Disciplinarian the Yoth

14. Legends of Sillyhead

15. Sailbird

16. Halucinate Bell

17. Sirius

18. Hey

19. Grasshopper

20. Mine Glasses estão Addicted

21. I mpending Conspiracy

22. On a Wind Past a Hills

23. Ghost Girls para Mana Khemia

24. Overwhelmer

25. Phween Biography

26. Block Pulse that Love

27. Disruptor

28. Nefertiti

29. Wails of ns Rain

30. Naquela Gap right into Darkness

31. Stigmata

32. By a Illusion

33. Toggle

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