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Walk in ns footsteps of her heroes in ~ Old Trafford.

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Visit Manchester united for der day out with naquela difference! the Museum & estádio Tour at Old Trafford takes you behind ns scenes at the ‘Theatre that Dreams’ for der great work out.

Go behind the scenes at uma of ns world’s most popular and most successful futebol americano clubs on a Manchester United stadion Tour. Since the club’s development in 1878 Manchester flor have winner 64 trophies, com Old Trafford stadium at ns heart of their success.

The stadium is one of a world’s many recognisable venues e the largest sociedade football estádio in the UK. Ns Manchester unido Museum & stadion Tour gives you a opportunity to discover ns story of the club and to see inside a spectacular 76,000 capacity stadium. Uncover your favourite player’s seat in ns dressing room, andar in their footsteps towards a pitch through the players’ tunnel and take ns Manager’s chair in a dugout.

The museum blends historical exhibits com state-of-the-art interaction experiences. Discover a stories of a club’s most renowned players, including Bobby Charlton, george Best, eric Cantona, david Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, e Wayne Rooney. Find fora about ns remarkable managers, including sir Matt Busby e Sir Alex Ferguson.

The estádio Tour lasts ao 80 minutes and includes the players’ dressing room and the chance to emerge em ~ the túnel into ns Theatre that Dreams. Whether you’re der lover of a beautiful game or not, this is naquela classic Manchester experience not to it is in missed.

All tickets para the Museum & stadion Tour are valid for an whole year, providing you 12 months of futebol americano fun. Your annual Pass will offer you ns opportunity to come back as often as you like para the next 365 days!

Audio guide/headphones:
Spanish, Korean, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish

*Must encompass at least uma adult or senior.

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Timings and prices

Tours operation daily* em ~ 9.40am come 4.30pm (3.30pm top top Sunday). *Except match days. Ns tour is subject to transforms at short notification depending on to work requirements.Tours have to be booked 3 days before date the visit

THE DOUBLETwo timeless beef burgers offered on a brioche bolo with tomato relish, salad, & chunky chips.

FALAFEL KEBAB (V) (Ve)Falafel bites served on a flatbread com tzatziki, peri peri sauce, lettuce, julienne carrot, with naquela black olive & sunblushed tomato salad.

TRADITIONAL FISH & CHIPS (GF)Beer battered fish, peas, homemade tartare sauce & chunky chips.

TUNA CIABATTA (GF)Tuna mayonnaise offered on an open toasted ciabatta bolo with cucumber, lettuce & ao lado salad.

CAESAR SALADLettuce, croutons, anchovies, boiled egg & Vicenza cheese, served com or without chicken.

QUINOA SALAD (V) (Ve)Quinoa, chickpeas, red onion, spinach, cucumber, cherry tomato, peppers & parsley, tied in a citrus dressing with der sunblushed tomato bread roll.

MARGHERITA PIZZA (V) (GF) (Ve)Oven baked slim crust pizza base, topped com our very own tomato sauce & grated mozzarella cheese.

PEPPERONI PIZZA (GF)Oven baked thin crust pizza base, topped com our own tomato sauce, grated mozzarella cheese & pepperoni slices.

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