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Abba yellow Anniversary Edition


Abba gold Anniversary versão ABBA

Super Trouper


supervisor Trouper ABBA



come ABBA

The crucial Collection


a Essential collection ABBA
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by Marilia Mendonça

Patroas 35%

Marilia Mendonça

Patroas 35% Marilia Mendonça

Patroas, EP1

Marilia Mendonça

Patroas, EP1 Marilia Mendonça


Marilia Mendonça

Patroas Marilia Mendonça

Todos Os Cantos, Vol. Uma

Marilia Mendonça

all Os Cantos, Vol. One Marilia Mendonça

Patroas 35%

Marilia Mendonça

Patroas 35% Marilia Mendonça


Hi-Res novo Releases acima de 50
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Dom La Nena

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In her panoramas...
Bossa nova, ns Eternal tide

because its creation in the tão tarde 1950s, Bossa-nova has come to be an indispensable part of Brazilian music. A style’s strong evocative power won end artists from tudo around the world e earned recognition porque o many first-rate musicians who works estão now viewed as classics.

Picasso, once painting meets music

Picasso's modernist genius quickly stretched beyond a pictorial and spread right into music and dance, two arte forms with which a Spanish painter constantly maintained naquela close relationship, to a point of influencing composer friends the met along the way.

Flamenco: a Unending dance & Unwavering música

on November 16th 2010, unesco officially recognised flamenco as a universal kind of arte by inscribing that on the Representative perform of the Intangible culturais Heritage of Humanity. Ns United nações gave cante jondo (the deep, primitive singing of flamenco) a contemporary stature, exceeding its historical e ethnic origins.

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Bongeziwe Mabandla, solar afro-folk

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