Thu 11th Jun 2009

I have ns retail game which i would give 9/10 for....I"m going to baixar this when it finally involves EU. Sounds prefer Mario v DK 2.5 or maybe also 2.75, but not a 3. Still not enough to deter me.

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Thu 11th Jun 2009

I"ve to be waiting porque o this review, e I was one of ns ones who had concerns, but enquanto longer! definitely going come buy this now!


Thu 11th Jun 2009

I jumped in ~ this uma on launch, e I"d to speak it is a best $8 you can spend ~ above DSiWare, hands down; an excellent presentation, limitless replayability.


Thu 11th Jun 2009

$8 is simply so worthy ao this game.. Bruta of 10 huge worlds com 8 levels each. Ns think this is far better than MFC

Thu 11th Jun 2009

I never ever finished march of a Minis, but I can absolutely see myself getting this once it"s exit here.

Thu 11th Jun 2009

OMG i have to let mine heart lado de fora SOMEWHERE on this game

this is therefore MUCH far better than a ds version! seriously! first off, enquanto more of the sliding your stylus left and right to keep a mini mario in place, because you can"t interact with them! so much better! second, com level downloads, girlfriend can baixar ANYONE"S LEVEL! e 120 of THEM! e u can excluir them after! it"s amazing. You can upload your own too, and feel proud when people download your level (it exposição number the downloads for each)

endless levels, resolved gameplay, and it"s just epicly awesome tudo over. E putting that on dsiware makes it so the its developed in to everyone"s system, so much more people toque it much more often, an interpretation MORE LEVELS. I offer it 64/10 stars!

Thu 11th Jun 2009

you can baixar 140 at a time, not 120, sorry i love mario 64 so lot that number should be stuck in my head :3

Thu 11th Jun 2009

"As the is naquela puzzle game, the is your project to figure out how to manoeuvre"You assignment Maneuver wrong. Other then that an excellent review.

Thu 11th Jun 2009

I was also pleasantly surprised as soon as I download this game. Ns had ouvi the number 16 bandied about for the variety of levels. Which made me wary of ns value of this title. But in ns end, this jogos is worthy of being der cartridge game. If us see more of this, DSiWare has naquela bright future ahead.

As para the level size. I"d be shocked if it"s more than naquela few kilobytes in size. If girlfriend count a grid, it"s 16x12 block in size. If you ligar that every block is determined by der 4 byte value (32-bit integer), that"s 192 bytes. Litter in naquela bit of sub info for where ns door and the minis are at the beginning of a level, e you still deserve to come in listed below 1K.

Use der less compact encoding scheme e you can bloat that naquela bit. But in the end it"s still naquela rather little amount of data. In case anyone is interested, here"s an instance of what such encoding have the right to look like. It"s basically range of numbers that represent ns types of blocks with naquela bit of meta-data to explain where a blocks ~ ~ positioned on a screen. Rude size is 445 bytes.

noname875 - It"s not misspelled. That"s como as they spell that in britânico English. Don"t it is in surprised if friend see the occasional color or cheque pop up together well.

Thu 11th Jun 2009

I called the score beforehand on. I simply knew that would compreendo an 8 particularly given the replays value on market here.

TwilightV "Need... DSi... Have to get... Sufficient... Funds... * fake collapse *"Wait a minute, he"s not really collapsed! Hey everyone, the guy"s der phony! a big fat phony!

BellGoRiing ns haven"t seen one yet, various other than a obvious too-many-objects one. Hmmm... You require at least dois mini marios and uh... Oh I just remembered ns biggest limitation: your creative thinking _

Thu 11th Jun 2009

I foi ~ expecting a 9, if only because arte Style: PICTOBITS e MFC! to be bestowed the honor. (I personally take into consideration this a best of ns three.)

Thu 11th Jun 2009

Wow, one 8.........That"s naquela little surprising. This is by longe my favorite DSi game e i would probably rate it der 9 e maybe even consider naquela 10. Uau well, as long as it"s sales don"t plummet, i will be happy.

Thu 11th Jun 2009

Whenever i buy a Dsi, this will be my first DL, ns love ns DS version so much and this 1 seems also better, i m so sad it"s gonna remover awhile porque o me to get der Dsi

Thu 11th Jun 2009

Is this worth it if i have a retail version? I"ve inquiry this alot however I"m still not sure...

Thu 11th Jun 2009

This is 1 of mine favorite games of dsiware. I choose playing ns game, make levels, uploading them, and downloading others. Due to the fact that I have not play the o primeiro dia two games this game just appears great. Naquela 10/10 for me.

Thu 11th Jun 2009

Good to hear that not a simple cash-in.

Well, ns guess this narrows down my selections on what to buy com my continuing to be DSi Points. I never was der giant fan of the originais MvsDK game, however if that got der 9, I might have choose it up. However I guess: v it"s Mightly Flip campeões for me

But then again, ns am still waiting porque o Pop.....

Thu 11th Jun 2009

Ooh, I"m for this reason glad a included levels ~ ~ new. This would certainly give it more estado for her buck than the retail in that case. E now that a game"s conectados is a hub e not just friends, I"m sold.

Will purchase.

Thu 11th Jun 2009

Next DSi card I get is defindently going come this game! Nintendo succeed again! Oh e that score foi ~ predictable.

Thu 11th Jun 2009

100 level sound favor there"s part meat come the jogos other than ns level editor so I"d be willing to to buy it. If it had been just naquela tutorial e then "go do your very own game" i would have actually ignored it.

Thu 11th Jun 2009

am gaining it shortly yay dsi rocks!!!!!

Thu 11th Jun 2009

I to be so acquiring this! I likewise have Mario e Donkey kong March of a Minis.

Fri 12th Jun 2009

Cheezy: As discussed in the review it isn"t a carbon copy of a previous title. The gameplay changes which have actually been introduced here make for der somewhat different experience. If you liked ns former you must enjoy this together well. Actually, I like this version much better than MvDK2.

Fri 12th Jun 2009

I have to say, not being able to control the minis makes ns stages much more an overwhelming than a last one. A level creator is der great consists makes the game naquela steal at $8. Good game.

Fri 12th Jun 2009

"a bid of der odd inclusion" ??

Looks like a great game, i always loved Lemmings and wondered why us haven"t seen more of these layout games over a years.

Fri 12th Jun 2009

Just to buy this jogos in a afternoon...and ns can"t placed it god this one addictive game. Love it!

Fri 12th Jun 2009

nooooooooooooo, ns need der dsi nowwwww! Considering my originais ds has actually pixel cancer (The principal screens contempt uncliped from the bottom screen), I need £150......NOOOOOOOWWWW

Mon 15th Jun 2009

Oh cool. Ns had heard that this was naquela cheap knockoff of ns DS version and wasn"t precious it. However after analysis this, I know where the remaining 800 clues Nintendo gave us as soon as we bought our DSi ser estar going.

Mon 6th Jul 2009

"Actually, I favor this version better than MvDK2."So do I, it"s harder, i m sorry is nós vamos rather 보다 speeding throughthe whole jogos in a day. And yes ns level editores is caminho better 보다 2. This game deserves a nine.

Sat 25th Jul 2009

Another jogos I"ll need to download, once I importar more points! I"ve só ever play the first GBA "Mario vs. Donkey Kong", therefore this will an entirely new experience para me... Ns level editora thing sounds awesome!

Sat 22nd Aug 2009

I obtained it and I really like ns level editor e world wide level re-superstructure feature. Como as many worlds estão there anyway?

Thu 10th Sep 2009

I purchase it because I love Mario vs. Donkey Kong. I additionally love this one. Even more-so due to the fact that I deserve to upload and download tracks a partir de anybody.

Sat third Oct 2009

I era going to buy Mario vs Donkey kong 2, however maybe ill hold off and just DL this, due to the fact that some of you stated its actually better than MvsDK2.

Tue 22nd Dec 2009

I remember playing e enjoying ns demo for MvsDK2, yet I still haven"t been able to acquisition it. This jogos definitely looks prefer it"s great as well...

Thu 14th jan 2010

Do you need to have someones friend code to download theire levels? because i have actually MvDK2, e i could only download levels em ~ Nintendo, e my friends (which there were none)

Wed 9th Jun 2010

you claimed it gogata! this game is a lot the fun however 800 clues is still naquela lot for this reason make certain you like gamings like mario bros. Anywho, this game is really fun however not addicting.

Mon 18th Oct 2010

Great game, I require to vai every yellow StarMy FC is 1549-2249-5197 if you want to include me

Tue fourth Jan 2011

i agree com xpotatox rua overrated. Not that fun, kinda boring when u importar to a 3rd world.

Wed fifth Jan 2011

I thoroughly took pleasure in this game back once it came o fim (got gold on tudo de stages save a few of ns latter bosses)

8.8/10 IMO so i think they should"ve rounded it up to der 9/10 There"s simply so much content!

Fri 1st Jul 2011

Now this 1 I didn"t find very enjoyable. Mario + Donkey kong - I thought I"d it is in hooked.

The level editor is pretty cool, and I like how you estão able to share it with the world, but there"s not much to this game. Ns actual story gets really boring fast e I can só play around 3-4 level without acquiring so bored to death I just shut down ns whole console.

If it era 500 points, It"d be naquela little bit more suitable to pick up, yet I to be in der kind the regret.

I don"t see the whole hype..Maybe mine opinion is almost matched com
xPOTATOx and

I saltar everyone else quem picks this game up enjoys it despite :>Not my type.

Sun 10th Jul 2011

ryanthehedgehog Yes, this jogos is very boring and I don"t see how people ~ ~ so happy with it. But, ns don"t like ns whole strategy type of game. Perhaps it should be less money, no worth 8 dollars (800 points) at all!

rachelthehedgehog After playing for a while, I come to a rating that 7/10 far better than ns thought. It"s awesome.

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Thu 29th Dec 2011

This is my first Mario vs Donkey kong game. I acquired it from clube Nintendo due to the fact that it was calling me name. E I answered the call.

This game ROCKS!

Wed 1st Feb 2012

I love the there estão extra levels pela Wi-Fi, but my cin connection refuses to cooperate com my DS (though mine 3DS works fine)

Sat 20th Oct 2012

I have never actually played a MVDK game, therefore I made decision to pick this uma up, as ns cheapest option!