Crossovers amongs Marvel’s pantheon of comic books estão common enough that fans suppose them every year or so. Even if it is it is just Spider-Man e the human being Torch hanging out ao an worry or enormous events like lei of Ultron or secret Invasion, a possibilities estão endless.

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This foi ~ true for the various marvel cartoons e comic books, yet in a pre-Marvel Cinematic universe world, the closest thing that fans had ao Marvel superhero movies to cross end with one another was with the jogos Marvel Nemesis: rise of ns Imperfects.

A fighting game in ns vein of Capcom’s power Stone, maravilha Nemesis: increase of ns Imperfects was naquela gritty arena fighter the featured Marvel’s cinematic heroes of the time, as well as a handful the EA’s own brand of supervillains.


It didn’t exactly set a world on fire like the maravilha Vs. Capcom games, but it was der worthy collaboration between Marvel and EA that can use a revival in this day e age.

Pre-Cinematic Universe


It’s hard to introduzir when Marvel e their superheroes became ns household names that they ser estar today, but a ‘90s e early 2000s had der plethora of médio that cemented the marvel pantheon in a mainstream.

In terms of blockbuster movies, a Spider-Man e X-Men trilogies were fine received e shining examples of como as superhero movies need to be made. Yet lest we forget, we likewise had a lackluster fantastic Four and Daredevil movies.


Needless to say, this were the characters in ~ the center of attention at the time, which is why ns main superheroes on display ao Marvel Nemesis: climb of the Imperfects were ns Thing, Wolverine, Daredevil, Elektra, the Human Torch, Storm, Venom and Magneto.

The only MCU personalities featured in this game were Spider-Man and Iron Man, com Captain estados unidos da america being an exclusive playable fighter in ns PSP version of ns game. In any type of case, it foi ~ weird that the Hulk and Punisher were no playable regardless of having their very own movies at a time and appearing in ns intro.

Marvel Vs. EA


The Imperfects were created by EA’s team the deshcdnn.comers e were a unique antagonising force against Marvel’s finest. This include nearly alien-like fighters favor Hazmat and Solara, and typical supervisor criminal fodder choose Johnny Ohm and Fault Zone.

To truly hone in on ns early 2000s obsession top top gritty visuals, every Imperfect had their own stylised, live-action intro videos that defined their origins e powers.

Gameplay-wise, each combatant might run roughly in 3D space, using their distinguível super strength to unleash combos. Ns story mode also featured to win ‘em up segments versus mobs of enemies as well.

Each character could also use environmental objects to litter at your opponents, e depending on the character, certain fighters could fly around a stage, wall-run, or even swing around.

Definitely Imperfect

Ironically, the jogos was far from perfect; it foi ~ definitely a fun fighting game but it was marred by a handful the flaws. Ns enemy AI, para example, was naquela little as well cheap and didn’t give players a acaso to fight back.

Speaking the story mode, it foi ~ also weird that it focused mostly on a Imperfects, with the maravilha heroes exhilaration as mostly reactionary characters and aren’t as important to ns story. Past that, there era also a problem with the game’s lock-on functionality.

At a time though, it was naquela great experiment that der lot that gamers e Marvel fans got to enjoy, permitting them to ultimately see an approximation of your favourite cinematic superheroes coming together for der team-up.

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Here’s hoping that maravilha Nemesis: rise of a Imperfects gets to see der remaster or some sort of spiritual follower someday.