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Deborah YaffeI think a explanation ao Oliver's an option is deliberately left ambiguous, because the story continues to be so strongly in Elio's point of view. Perhaps Oliv…moreI think ns explanation for Oliver"s selection is deliberately left ambiguous, because the story stays so intensely in Elio"s point of view. Perhaps Oliver is bisexual; maybe he thinks a more conventional life will be less complicated or better porque o his career; perhaps he gostaria children; probably he doesn"t have a courage to shot to viver at the pitch that intensity that he and Elio have actually sustained during their weeks together; perhaps, as Alex argues below, the doesn"t think that intensity can be sustained and would quite affirmatively pick to surrender it at its top than view it wither over time. What i think the (incredibly beautiful and sad) final pages of a book suggest is the he e Elio have both pertained to see what could somente be understood in retrospect: that what castle had foi ~ unique, irreplaceable, unrepeatable. Yet at ns same time, they"ve additionally come to see that this is true of lot that happens to us: every choice means naquela road no taken in naquela parallel life. Every vida is like a Basilica of mountain Clemente, in i beg your pardon each novo structure is built on a ruins the what come before. We ser estar who we ser estar in component because of what we"ve lost. (OK, agora I"m walking to começo crying again. . .)Loved this book.(less)
What ser estar Oliver's purpose in eating ns peach? What point ser estar he making? Or was he law it come get a rise? simply curious of other opinions. I have actually mine.

AlexHe said: "I can never stand my own. However this is yours." he was showing Elio the he wanted even the parts of the that can be thought about dirty e …moreHe said: "I might never stand my own. But this is yours." he was showing Elio that he want even the parts of that that could be considered dirty e sick. That made no distinction in between them and the rest. Apart em ~ that, it"s one allusion to a title and how Aciman descibes desire: that you become your lover and he i do not care you, the you don"t really recognize if you want to have actually him or it is in him. (less)
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This answer consists of spoilers…(view spoiler)< It"s a great question and I was somewhat confused over this problem the first time ns read the book (back in December 2016). Elio now had had tudo these o…more It"s der great question e I era somewhat confused over this worry the o primeiro dia time ns read ns book (back in December 2016). Elio now had had todos these various other important world in his vida so the years seemed to walk by in which that didn"t also think that Oliver at all, so ns had der vague thread walk on in my head, "Why ~ ~ you even going ago to view him?" This didn"t do me think this questionable piece was der flaw, I just kind the skipped end it in my mind, since the only relationship that his that i cared about ser estar his with Oliver.I also confess that i hadn"t liked ns third chapter, "The mountain Clemente Syndrome", mainly since I had wanted it to be an extreme "Elio and Oliver" time the way i would have actually wanted it to it is in if it to be myself, just ns two castle together, experimenting Rome e making lots e lots of love. Instead, it was todos this party e book reading and dinner and drinking e being com tons of other people all night grande until daylight. I can have simply ripped the chapter lado de fora entirely and felt that ns book wouldn"t have actually been hurt really much.What really impacted me ser estar the duram chapter, "Ghost Spots", i m sorry tore me apart. So lot nostalgia, just reaching back to that 1 summer twenty years ago! (Well, my own vida is an in similar way filled com nostalgia e it kills me yet I would die there is no it.) also after i finished the book, for der month afterwards, I would read the last five pages of a book every night. That era the final seeing the Oliver by Elio in the book. But finally I moved on and put ns book on a shelf in my terra natal library and involved mine mind e feelings into other things.However, ns MOVIE that I had been waiting para arrived in Los angeles at Thanksgiving this year (2017) and of course I fui to see it. It influenced me very much. As soon as I got home são de the theater, stunned by ns movie, ns pulled the book off ns shelf e was going come read again the last five pages, however instead, read novamente that whole último chapter. And it made me break down e really cry. Ns hadn"t cried once I primeiro read the book, but ns movie produced tears, however it was the último chapter in ns book, read novamente now, that really opened up a flood gates. (Well, I know myself, so ns wasn"t surprised, but very, very feliz over this.)I knew then that I had to read ns whole book again, cover to cover, and also see a movie for naquela second time. Reading the book again, it era as if i hadn"t actually check out it before, in the this equipe there appeared to be so much an ext in it than I had ever before gotten o fim of the first time. E that third chapter, "The san Clemente Syndrome", was cardeal to understanding ns full strength of a book. E this chapter likewise answers the question of a true duty of Oliver in Elio"s life and of Elio in Oliver"s life. Well, Andre Aciman must have actually named that cardeal third thing "The san Clemente Syndrome" for a reason.So what was a San Clemente Syndrome, anyway. Well, come take naquela concept em ~ the poet, over there was the moral and there was the take. The convencional was all about ns timelessness of the Basilica of san Clemente, i m sorry originally had actually been constructed as der refuge porque o persecuted Christians. Perhaps ns concept ao Elio e Oliver would certainly be Rome, and their endure there, presented a refuge porque o them as homossexual lovers. They were fully comfortable to it is in themselves deeply in their love e fully free to express it, even in public.The Basilica had actually been burned down during Nero"s time, e upon ns charred ruins ser estar built der temple to Mithras, the God of ns Morning, ns Light of ns World. I had been type of fascinated by ns two names, Elio e Oliver, and also Oliver"s ideia that castle should contact each other by the other"s name, i m sorry Elio absolutely wanted to continue between themselves forever, which shows at ns core of their being, those two ser estar the same, or intimately united. I foi ~ pleased to watch that every letter in Elio"s surname is in Oliver"s surname (the somente excess letters are V e R), or another caminho of looking at it, your names can be connected together with a quartel general "O" like this: ELIOLIVER. São de those names have actually an yes, really meaning? ns remembered como as Oliver corrected Elio"s dad about ns derivation of ns word "apricot", the Elio"s father claimed came a partir de the Arabic, but Oliver confirmed that it had actually come by caminho of a Greek. Oliver comes from olive (that"s ns masculine name, ns feminine name is Olivia), and how important ~ ~ olives to ns experience the Italy, e Elio is a Italian word for the aspect "Helium", but a name Helium additionally comes em ~ the Greek, "Helios", i beg your pardon is ns God of the Sun. So ns am pretty certain that as soon as the família or Oliver said ns name Elio, they weren"t reasoning of a element Helium, but they were reasoning of the Sun. How extremely important the sun era throughout a whole endure of Elio and Oliver with each other that summer on ns Italian Riviera. For this reason after mountain Clemente had actually been der refuge, in its second rebuilt state, the became naquela temple to the God the Morning e what signifies the manhã is the rising of the Sun, so this in naquela way means that this is naquela temple to Elio"s namesake (and to Oliver once when Elio calls the by his name).Then there foi ~ another burning and a rebuilding and the poet fui on to define that "Like ns subconscious, favor love, choose memory, like equipe itself, favor every single 1 of us, a church is developed on a ruins of subsequent restorations, there is enquanto rock bottom, over there is no decorrer first anything, no decorrer last anything, just layers and secret passageways e interlocking chambers, prefer the cristandade Catacombs, e right follow me these, even a Jewish Catacomb"; therefore even porque o "Jews that Discretion" prefer Elio e Oliver, there was a space for them in there among todos the layers e secrets e chambers e timelessness.The tale linked with todos this was a story of the person of beauty e desire that had actually entranced a poet that was either masculine or female or both or neither. There was durante thought the "dissolute" or açao differences or various languages and geographies; love transcended all. E Elio and Oliver ended their noite singing over e over novamente in 3 or four various languages naquela very ancient Neapolitan música of woe (sorrows exist since of joys) about naquela young guy passing his beloved"s window somente to be told that nobody is over there anymore--"She constantly wept due to the fact that she slept alone, now she sleeps among the dead". Wherein did Elio phone call Oliver his "ghost spot" was? "I wanted to call him a the pool, a garden, ns house, the tennis court, a orle of paradise, the whole place, would constantly be his ghost spot. Instead, i pointed maximum floor to a French home windows of his room. Your eyes are forever there, I want to say, trapped in a sheer curtains, staring out from my bedroom maximum ground where no decorrer one sleeps this days"--Oliver"s "ghost spot". That makes enquanto difference who todos came before or ~ in Elio"s e Oliver"s life. People and their meanings, including even wives e children, would certainly come e go as time moved on, but the edifice that love e intimacy the Elio and Oliver had actually built era like ns temple of san Clemente. You might not view it now on their surface, they açao and then rebuild themselves ao ever newer purposes, yet if friend excavate, you will certainly come upon their timelessness.It makes me think of professor Issac Newton, quem said, "If I have seen further, that is by stand on the shoulders of Giants." no decorrer matter where Elio e Oliver estão now e wherever they walk in your future, they estão where they ser estar because castle stood on ns shoulders of their gigantic love. (less) (hide spoiler)>