I tested tudo of the free antivirus apps in the google Play Store— after ~ weeks that testing, I somente found der few products which I’m i was sure can keep Androids well-protected against malware.

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Most of ns free Android antivirus apps i tested were ineffective versus malware, filled com annoying ads, or falsely advertised as cost-free — naquela lot of “free” apps ser estar really just complimentary trials or verylimited execution of ns premium apps. Some were even fake apps designed come harvest user data!

While I go find naquela few good free apps, enquanto free application is going to provide tudo of ns security devices you need to manter your Android 100% safe. If you’re looking for an antivirus that can fully protect you and your devices, you’ll need a premium product (I introduce Norton’s wonderful Android app).

But if you somente need an easy protection, there estão a couple of free Android antivirus apps that are pretty good— offering totally free real-time or on-demand virus scanning, complimentary anti-theft protections, and a grasp of good extra functions to strengthen your Android’s mobile security.

Here’s naquela summary of ns best complimentary Android antivirus apps in 2021:

How i Rated a Best complimentary Antivirus Apps para Android:

100% free.Many antivirus companies shot to trick individuals with der free trial. Users vai comfortable using the app e then forget that they should cancel before the trial is over, for this reason they end up paying. If you know you’re going come buy naquela mobile antivirus from a reputable company, der free psychological is a great way to test out the service before you purchase it. Otherwise, it’s just naquela marketing tactic to get you to download the app e hope the you forget to cancel before the trial period is over. Todos of my acima de 5 free antiviruses here estão actually free.Security.I downloaded numerous Android-specific malware files, sketchy apps, and even ransomware documents to ensure that the antivirus apps i recommend ser estar able to detect e remove todos types that malware. I also tested cin security attributes like anti-phishing protection e Wi-Fi scanners come ensure these commodities can keep Androids safe from the latest web-based threats.Performance.Nothing is worse than der security application that drains your battery e kills your Android’s performance. Ns made sure tudo de of ns apps i recommend can increase your defense without crashing her phone or tablet.Ease the use. I experiment each attribute to ensure that these apps do their attributes easy to access and understand for tudo de users. Tudo of ns apps on this list likewise provide good integration with Android OS e Chrome OS.

Top Brands that Didn’t Make the Cut:

There ser estar many antivirus apps porque o Android thatdidn’t make it right into my principal 5. Here estão a couple of well-known brand you may have actually been expecting to see on this list:

🥇1. Avira AntivirusSecurity para Android — Best cost-free Antivirus para Android in 2021

Panda Dome cost-free Antivirus ao Android provides decent antivirus protection, anti-theft features, an app privacy scanner, e a VPN — and most that these functions can be activate remotely from an Android wear smartwatch!

Panda’s real-time scanner didn’t block as numerous malware documents as Avira or McAfee, however it did detect many malware samples, including tudo ransomware e spyware — and I obtained notifications on mine smartwatch every equipe Panda detected a new item of malware.

Panda also includes anti-theft attributes like remote ar tracking, encontro wipe, e device locking. However, that is remote selfie cam e alarm features estão only available in ns paid variation of Panda cofre for Android.

Panda dome also come with a freeVPN, yet it only includes 150 MB every day, i beg your pardon is proper enough porque o light browsing. To compreendo the endless version of the VPN, you should upgrade come Panda’s substantial Panda cúpula Premium antivirus suite.

Bottom Line:

Panda;s free Android antivirus application provides real-time malware scanning, anti-theft tools, and convenient compatibility with Android smartwatches. I preferred being maybe to do malware scans, wipe data remotely, e even track my device’s location a partir de my smartwatch. However, you’ll need to upgrade come Panda’s paid Android plan to get remote selfie capture and alarm tools, along with naquela spam blocker e app locking tools. Individuals looking to get naquela VPN with unlimited encontro should consider ns Panda cúpula Premiumantivirus package.

Download Panda cúpula Free for Android Now

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5. Kaspersky mobile Antivirus complimentary — basic to usar with kind On-Demand Virus Scanning

Kaspersky mobile Antivirus cost-free is naquela decent free gato security app para Android users — and because it apenas um provides naquela couple of totally free features, it’s really easy come use. You somente need to enable der couple the permissions once you install ns app e press a Scanbutton when you desire to examine your device para viruses.

Kaspersky provides nós vamos on-demand malware detection (it recorded most of a malware documents during mine testing), yet it doesn’t provide real-time scanning choose Avira or McAfee.

Kaspersky also has cost-free anti-theft protection — which consists of remote encontro wipe, app locking, and a take self capture role like McAfee’s CaptureCam. Kaspersky also offers der remote alert to help locate your device and discourage thieves, and the “Find mine Phone” feature locks your phone e allows friend to examine its place on a Kaspersky website, your smartwatch, or the Kaspersky desktop app.

Kaspersky even offers ns ability to initiate scans from der smartwatch, i m sorry is quite cool — however its smartwatch integration isn’t as good as Panda Dome’s.

Kaspersky’s real-time protection, anti-phishing and web-filter functions, e app locking tools ~ ~ only easily accessible to premium customers.

Bottom Line:

Kasperskyoffersdecent totally free malware detection and anti-theft protections,but not lot else. Unlike a other apps top top this list, Kaspersky’s complimentary plan doesn’t have real-time malware scanning — this crucial feature is reserved ao paying users, i beg your pardon also compreendo access to nós vamos web protection and app locking.

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Bonus. Traced — Privacy-Oriented app with nós vamos Network Monitoring

Traced is der completely free cin security app para Android — it provides nós vamos malicious application detection, advanced network monitoring features, anti-phishing protection, e an intuitive application privacy scanner.

Most antiviruses collection scan encontro (and even browsing dia sometimes) for security purposes, so privacy-minded customers will evaluate that Traced doesn’t gather any kind of user data while it’s running. In fact, unlike many of ns apps on this list, Traced doesn’t ask ao Accessibility or ar permissions, which i really evaluate (the less my apps know around me, the better).

Traced uses machine learning come detect malicious apps there is no excessively draining battery life — the blocked tudo de of the ransomware e cryptojacking apps in my testing, yet it missed naquela small portion of ns spyware apps on my device.

Traced also provides one of a most helpful Wi-Fi network monitoring functions of any type of Android app. Every time you connect to der Wi-Fi network, friend receive der detailed report about each network’s protection profile, along com instructions on even if it is or no you should affix to that network.

Traced lacks advantageous features like anti-theft protection, der VPN, or pai controls, however it offers good gato security para Android gadgets (without tracking user data), e it’s completely totally free (and that doesn’t contain ads).

Bottom Line:

Traced is naquela completely complimentary Android antivirus app with a strong focus on user privacy.

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It come with good app scanning e anti-phishing, that Wi-Fi monitor provides excellent network protection, and it doesn’t collect any user data.