The witching hour ideologies in contact of Duty: Mobile. Temporada 9 brings two new maps, the return of Undead Siege, the Trick or treat themed event, a brand-new battle Pass, and more.

The witching hour ideologies in call of Duty: Mobile. Season 9 brings two novo maps, the return of Undead Siege, ns Trick or law themed event, der brand-new fight Pass, e more.

In temporada 9, your worst nightmares pertained to life. Nightmare goes viver on October 21 in ~ 5 pm PT. Here’s those ahead…if girlfriend dare.

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New Rewards in a Nightmare battle Pass

Season 9 is packed with horror-themed contente in naquela brand-new fight Pass, including free e premium item like new Operators, naquela new functional weapon, Weapon Blueprints, calling Cards, Charms, contact of Duty Points, and more.

Battle Pass cost-free Tiers

At Tier 14, unlock the novo Tak-5 Operator Skill; use ns ability in ns heat of battle to heal your team e top them increase with sub health. Get your hands on the new Swordfish practical weapon in ~ Tier 21. Other complimentary tier items include ns Striker — Covenant, ns Charm — Cymbalism, e more.

Premium happen Tiers

Get ns Battle Pass porque o the oportunidade to earn todos of the conteúdo available in ns Nightmare stream. Terrify your foes with Halloween-themed Operators like Artery — Nosferatu; Rott —Tomb Bound; Iskra — Arachnis; and Nikto — Scarecrow. Up ns stakes com frightening Weapon Blueprints like the Epic Swordfish MK2 , PP19 Bizon — Haunted Haystack, Peacekeeper — Spine Rattle; e more.


New Multiplayer Maps

Trick or Treat! Themed Event

Knock-knock. Cheat or treat! walk door to door e try her luck. If she tricked, finish an in-game task to get your candy; if you treated, get the candy appropriate away. Candy awards event XP, advancing you through the event track com milestone rewards along the way. Set your very own room come trick or treat, and visit your friends’ rooms, too.


Undead Siege Returns, Plus various other Limited-Time Halloween Modes

Prepare come fight off the undead once again when temporada 9 returns with der new Halloween-inspired Undead Siege ~ above Isolated. Face off against more zombie types in normal mode, like a Warden, ns Heavy Gunner, e the Pulverizer, and try your luck in ns new tarde escort quest. Also, complete in 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed and in a Battle royale experience Isolated at night, plus new zombie scares in Blackout.


New Multiplayer Mode: drop Zone


New Seasonal Challenges e Featured Events

New obstacles bring novo rewards like ns Thumper, a next weapon in a Launcher class, and the flash Drone, naquela tactical drone the blocks a enemy’s vision. Watch ao the new Pumped Battle real class comes in der featured occasion — your Operator gains naquela jet pack, giving you new ways come navigate ns map and engage in combat.

Clan wars Updates

Season 9 doesn’t have der brand-new Clan battles season, however it walk come with der variety of important alters to the system. First, moeda will be reset come zero e Store items, together of this season, will start to turn out! but don"t worry, we"ll be making items less complicated to achieve this season e in upcoming ones com significantly boosted Clan Wars currency rewards. we’ll have more updates comes alongside new Clan wars rewards in temporada 10, but porque o now dive into the revamped system e earn distinct rewards favor Farah – Jinn. 

New Halloween Draws

Awaken her foe’s every nightmare with novo Lucky Draws featuring terrifying Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints. Compreendo Soap — Esqueleto e the legendary Swordfish — Calaca in the encontro De los Muertos Draw; stalk your prey as Gunzo — evil one Jester with ns Legendary Thumper — surprised Party; e toy com your victim as one of horror’s many iconic villains. Viver or die. Make your choice.

Get tudo de this e more when Nightmare launches top top October 21 in ~ 5 afternoon PT.

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