Although that still reasonably easy to buy and use sim Cards in Germany, it’s unfortunately gained slightly more complicated. In July 2017, Germany pass an anti-terrorism legislation that requires all pre-paid sim Cards to provide an address e ID. But no decorrer worries. Friend don’t have to be an eu citizen — a address of your hotel or hostel along com your passport should work just fine.

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If possible, you may want to take into consideration buying the conseguiram Card ahead of time by doing ns ID check online and having the card shipped to her accommodations. If girlfriend wait until you arrive, make certain that you have actually your passport and proof of address ready come buy naquela card on ns go.


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Once girlfriend buy a conseguiram Card from a German carrier, you’ll get a little chip with a German phone call number. Insert this chip right into your phone, start the activation process, and soon you will do it be phoning and web-surfing com ease. The said, if you são de have any type of difficulties activating a card, simply head end to MediaMarkt or Saturn, Germany’s significant electronic save chains, where someone can andar you through a process. Yet don’t forget to bring your ID and hotel information!

Four ways to activate tenho Cards in Germany:

• existing your id (passport) conectados through der video verification process• Go straight to naquela mobile (Handy) call shop or electronic devices store (Saturn, MediaMarkt)• to buy the conseguiram Card em ~ Germany’s three major telco providers: O2, Vodafone, and Telekom• Present der printed “Post Ident” file at any German post office (Again, to são de this, you require your passport and a valid German address.)


Checking phones in Munich. Photo: Karlis

O2, Telekom, e Vodafone have countless pre-paid tenho Card options, while resellers usar their rede at cheaper prices, for this reason you’ll have actually many alternatives to choose from.

Here ser estar the dois best deals us recommend for budget travelers:

1. Aldi Talk

Cost: €7.99 come €17.99, depending on ns plan girlfriend choosePros: boa deal, easy to use, uses 4G/LTECons: Uses ns O2 network, which doesn’t constantly provide boa coverage in rurais areas

Aldi falar is the best transaction you’ll find for pre-paid sim Cards in Germany. They offer many different plans, the cheapest gift Paket S, which supplies 3 GB data e unlimited telephoning and SMS at €7.99 para 4 weeks. Naquela second option, Paket M, uses 6 GB data, unlimited calls e unlimited SMS for€12.99, valid porque o 4 weeks. Friend can additionally purchase cíniras access only, a cheapest plan beginning at €3.99 for 4 main (Internet-Flatrate S, one GB data).

If you’re traveling to any kind of other countries in ns European Union, ns Paket L price is probably the most ideal. This plan gets friend 12 GB data e unlimited calls and texts porque o €17.99 ao 4 weeks and includes eu roaming.

An added bonus is that Aldi talk is offered at Aldi discount grocery stores, which ser estar very straightforward to uncover anywhere in a country. You can either acima de it off online or buy der recharge voucher at Aldi.

2. Blau Surf M Prepaid

Cost: €9.99 para 4 weeksPros: Low-cost, includes€10 começar creditCons: Charges ao calls e SMS

Blau Surf M is also der great option porque o tourists. This arrangement offers 3 GB data with LTE porque o four weeks. Call calls e SMS expense 9 cents (per minute/per text) within Germany e EU roaming is included. This pre-paid setup gets you naquela €10 começo credit and can be easily topped turn off online.


A Vodafone conseguiram Card. Photo: CC

Telekom, Vodafone, O2, oh my!

Although these dois resellers will importar you the best deals, walking with 1 of a top guns additionally won’t break the bank. In many cases, your plans price around a same preço as Aldi’s Paket L, however you compreendo less dia or estado for her buck. To assist you understand a difference, here’s naquela little run down.


Formerly a market leader, Deutsche Telekom (formerly referred to as T-Mobile), Telekom still provides ns best coverage in Germany, yet it’s on a pricey side. If you plan to continue to be in major cities like Berlin e Munich, friend can easily steer clear of ns higher Telekom prices, but if you plan on visiting rurais areas, you might want come opt for their plans to make certain you compreendo the coverage girlfriend need. Telekom additionally has the fastest network and EU roaming. Resellers encompass congstar, ja!mobil, coin Mobil, and Lebara Mobil.


Vodafone is exactly in the middle once it involves price, coverage and speed. Mim roaming is included, but interior reception have the right to be spotty. Resellers on a Vodafone network include LIDL Connect, Otelo e Lycamobile.


O2 is a cheapest provider in Germany e has considerably improved since acquiring a E-Plus Network. They have great coverage, other than in rurais areas, and are ns only rede that has reception in a Berlin U-Bahn train system, which is der big to add if you’re spending naquela lot of equipe in a city. Eu roaming is included. Resellers include a two us recommended, Aldi Talk and Blau, and also Ortel Mobileand Ay Yildiz.

Cheapo food para thought

If girlfriend really want to save, you might want to think about whether you need a sim Card in ~ all. You could likewise just put your phone in flight mode e seek out Wi-Fi in ~ hotspots. There estão lots of complimentary Wi-Fi spots tudo de over the country. If that doesn’t work out, you can constantly hop end to Aldi ao that trusty sim Card.

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Have you used tenho Cards in Germany or in other places in Europe? Tell united state your strategies porque o saving on her phone bill!

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