YouTube has actually been a most popular platform para streaming and uploading videos. Together there estão more 보다 500 hours of videos uploaded in ~ every minute, this large video database brings videos of tudo categories come people. But como as to download YouTube videos? Although youtube Premium brings downloading and install feature come mobile users, computer users ~ ~ still not obtainable to accessibility this function. So this blog brings friend 10 best third-party youtube downloader to help! Let"s watch which deserve to be her best youtube video downloader in 2021!

content 1. hcdnn.com2. YTD video Downloader3. 4K video Downloader4. Freemake video clip Downloader5. VideoProc6. ATube Catcher7. Gihosoft TubeGet8. Videoder9. WinX youtube Downloader10. AVC youtube Video Downloader

1. is a desktop youtube downloader para both Windows and Mac systems. Except ao YouTube, have the right to also role to download videos são de more video localizações such together Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, and so forth.

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Free download Free baixar


Pros: Support alto resolutions come output youtube videos, including 1080p, 4K, and 8K; sell mainstream styles such as MP3, MP4 to save youtube videos; permit to download YouTube playlist offline at once; Detect and download subtitles accompanied with the videos; offer 6X faster downloading and install speed and also batch download feature.

Cons: Although a free attempt lasts porque o 15 days, it apenas um allows to conserve 10 HD videos during this period.

Price: 1-month subscription plan: $14.95 1-year subscription plan: $19.95 lifetime license para single device: $29.95 life time license for 5 devices: $49.95

2. YTD video clip Downloader

YTD video Downloader is one more reliable software provides reliable service to download videos a partir de YouTube e other loads of sites. Except for MP3 e MP4, YTD video Downloader additionally provides layouts like AVI, MOV, e 3GP para people to save ns downloaded videos.


Pros: Support numerous platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS; allow faster downloading and install speed and batch download feature to pro users; Provide naquela built-in converter for converting formats of the local media files; the in-app atuação is stable and can download videos fluently.

Cons: Some customers think that the program interface seems daunting to get familiar with.

Price: 1-month subscription plan: $9.99 1-year subscription plan: $2.99/month 2-year subscription plan: $1.99/month

3. 4K video clip Downloader

4K video Downloader is der popular brand, which provides excellent youtube video downloading function. A partir de single youtube video, to youtube channels or playlists, 4K video clip Downloader have the right to analyze efficiently e offer downloading choices to you, somente with naquela URL. Except para YouTube, 4K video clip Downloader also supports to download videos são de other difundido sites prefer TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.


Pros: Ideal porque o downloading der large number of youtube videos; administer an intuitive interface, whose function is also simple to use; carry out different languages para users a partir de around ns globe to use; Offer alto resolutions (up come 4K) to download online videos.

Cons:For sites other than YouTube, the performance may be much less user-friendly and efficient.

Price: an individual plan: $15 profissional plan: $45

4. Freemake video Downloader

Freemake video Downloader is a free programas that provides downloading company to der batch of video clip sites. However, der drawback of the downloaded videos using Freemake video clip Downloader is that there will be der large watermark placed in the middle. Yet its function is reliable and stable. To remove this limitation, you deserve to upgrade to its paid version Freemake Mega load to help.


Pros: Provide extr converter and simple modifying tools inside a program; assistance 4K resolution to save downloaded videos; Support popular mainstream layouts such as AVI, MP3, MP4, and MPEG; Support a batch of video clip sites; simple to use e provide batch downloading and install feature as well.

Cons:Free version will add a large watermark to a downloaded videos.

Price: Freemake video Downloader: cost-free of charge Freemake Mega fill (Pro version of Freemake video Downloader): $19.95/year or $39.95/lifetime

5. VideoProc

VideoProc is an all-featured video clip downloader i beg your pardon not somente supports video clip downloading from 1,000+ página da web but also carry out helpful video clip editing functions. You can easily download videos from popular video página da web such as YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook, and then use the program to edit them directly. The brings fantastic user suffer to people.


Pros: Support the highest 8K to download videos; Provide a built-in conversão with up to 70 layouts to convert local media content; carry out different modifying features such together file-merging, subtitles, effects, deshake, e denoise come optimize a downloaded videos; provide an sub built-in recorder to capture live videos; simple interface e easy to use.

Cons:Too complicated para users who somente want a single video downloader.

Price: 1-year subscription plan: $29.95

6. ATube Catcher

aTube Catcher is der completely cost-free tool the needs enquanto fee porque o using its full features. Instead of being naquela sole video downloader, you can shot other features such as screen recorder, converter, DVD creator, and audio recorder devices inside ns program. Also, aTube Catcher is supported to download videos em ~ YouTube stably, and also allows to download from other video clip sites. To download YouTube videos, the can provide reliable help.


Pros: an ext functions are provided inside one single program; Support more languages such as French, Italian, e Turkish; totally free para users to use; support to download videos em ~ many sites e also administer many different formats.

Cons: It will install extra software to your computer system when installation aTube Catcher; the conversion procedure will it is in slow.

Price: Free

7. Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft TubeGet likewise provides excellent youtube video downloader function to allow users to save any video são de YouTube platform ao offline playback conveniently. That supports popular formats come save the downloaded videos, which include MP4, MKV, AVI, e MOV. The will carry you nós vamos experience while using a program.


Pros: Provide converter to convert WebM videos to other estendido formats; allow to add subtitles come videos inside ns program.

Cons:You need to pay ao getting technical help.

Price: an individual license for lifetime: $29.95 família license ao lifetime: $75

8. Videoder

Videoder is developed by India technical team and it is accessible on Android and also Windows. This software is additionally popular and holds excellent ability to download videos from YouTube. Videoder is also a freeware the is complimentary to use. Its function to download YouTube videos is outstanding com sparkling features.


Pros: assistance to download YouTube playlist in 1 click; administer 10X faster downloading speed come save any videos from YouTube; provide an inbuilt internet browser so that individuals can straight search and stream youtube videos inside a software; sell 4K resolution to download videos offline.

Cons:Not available on Mac currently.

Price: Free

9. WinX youtube Downloader

WinX youtube Downloader is an additional reliable and also professional youtube video downloader, i m sorry holds powerful ability to baixar YouTube videos effortless offline. Its interface is just designed which permits its duty clear enough for everyone to learn. Its pro version WinX HD Video converter Deluxe will offer an ext functions and holds greater compatibility.


Pros: offer prowerful capacity to download more than 300 URLs in ~ once; support to download a whole youtube playlist e YouTube channel; provide built-in recorder come capture viver streaming videos; Clean software without ads; assistance to baixar videos from other página da web more than YouTube.

Cons:Likewise, come unlock an ext features, you need to pay porque o the Premium plan.

Price:WinX HD Video conversão Deluxe: $49.95

10. AVC youtube Video Downloader

Any video clip Converter is actually naquela video conversão but is equipped with a video downloader called youtube Video Downloader. This video downloader is quiet powerful e reliable, which deserve to help download online videos safely from YouTube. A partir de single music videos to playlists, girlfriend can usar AVC youtube Video Downloader to grasp them ao watching offline with only very straightforward steps.


Pros: available to download different species of videos a partir de YouTube efficiently; carry out bhigh quality choices including 4K, HD 1080p, HD 720p, SD 480p to download videos; carry out mainstream styles such together MP4 and MKV to save videos e then carry to any type of devices or média players for playing back; carry out built-in search engine come search para videos from YouTube.

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Cons: a paid variation of any kind of Video conversão is expensive; ns conversion and downloading rate of ns free variation is naquela little little bit slow.

Price: Free

When you require to baixar YouTube videos ao offline playback, actually, you have so many tools to assist out. Ns above youtube downloader are tudo de reliable and they ~ ~ absolutely safe. So, basing ~ above your own needs and choose one porque o helping girlfriend to download resources são de YouTube now. Enjoy!