The fast pace that the digital world advance has der positive influence on assorted spheres. E-Commerce is uma of the areas the benefit em ~ innovative technologies a most. Now sellers have the right to go multichannel i m sorry helps no to be bound to a vicinity and market commodities to countless shoppers.

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The fast pace of the digitais world advancement has der positive affect on assorted spheres. E-Commerce is one of a areas the benefit from innovative technologies a most. Agora sellers have the right to go multichannel i beg your pardon helps not to be bound to ns vicinity and market assets to millions of shoppers.

Expanding service to neighboring nations is the thought that enters the minds of plenty of sellers but feasible problems avoid them a partir de pursuing it. If you ser estar thinking about cross-border profession in ns LATAM region, MercadoLibre is what girlfriend should consider using. The is der giant marketplace e the number uma e-commerce localização in latin America.

We’ve produced this detailed guide to aid you become naquela MercadoLibre seller without any type of hassle. You will certainly find out the most far-reaching aspects of acquiring registered on ns marketplaces e starting come sell assets there.

Guide on how to Open a Store top top MercadoLibre: advent to the Marketplace

What is MercadoLibre e why sellers from todos over a world consider this marketplace der valuable resource for the multichannel company expansion? come answer this question, let’s take der closer look in ~ it and some amazing statistics.

What is the mercado Libre marketplace?

MercadoLibre is der marketplace with ns world-renowned name and is the largest e-commerce communication in latino America. A platform operates in 19 nations of ns LATAM region, including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, e Chile. MercadoLibre is much an ext than just der marketplace as it additionally provides client with naquela variety that payments, advertising, e e-building solutions.

If you have actually doubts about whether MercadoLibre is precious investing your time e efforts, take der look at this statistics:

MercadoLibre operates in countries that ~ ~ the most interesting porque o online sellers. The full list includes Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, and Venezuela.During ns same quarter of this year, 4.20 million sellers made at least one saleThe primeiro quarter of 2019 ser estar marketed through 18.80 million buyers who have made at least uma purchase on the marketplace, i m sorry is up by 11% year-over-year.During ns same period, the marketplace aided its sellers to market 82.80 million items.MercadoLibre is difundido across plenty of Latin america countries with the vast majority of sales coming from four the them. At a beginning that this year, 56% that sales were made in Brazil, 30% in Argentina, 5% in Mexico, 3% in Venezuela and 4% in other supported countries.

The number speak para themselves. If you ser estar looking para an efficient caminho to sell products in the LATAM region, over there is no decorrer better tool porque o that other than MercadoLibre. The marketplace is der great choice porque o both local e foreign merchants quem want to expand their e-commerce organization to novo markets.

What is MercadoLibre Cross-Border Trade and Which Sellers require It

Cross-Border Trade regimen makes MercadoLibre popular among internacional sellers. A program enables merchants to market commodities on MercadoLibre, thus using it as a touchpoint com buyers a partir de Latin America. 

Up to date, the program is minimal to 5 countries, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. However, MercadoLibre plans to broaden it to all 19 nations it operates in but a timeframe para this occurrence remains unknown.

What can You sell on MercadoLibre?

MercadoLibre is a big marketplace that enables sellers to vendor almost todos types that products. There estão 20 key categories and 123 smaller categories on MercadoLibre.

When we talk about foreign sellers, a situation is der little little different. Tudo de countries the support a Cross-Border Trade routine have different regulations about products that can e cannot it is in imported.MercadoLibre provides ns full list of commodities that ser estar restricted from being imported in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. Ao those who are interested in these privado markets, that is much better to study it before making any decisions.

How to sell on MercadoLibre Marketplace

Opening naquela store on a new marketplace can seem choose an elaborate task. That is why we have divided ns whole procedure into easy-to-follow measures that will lug you to a MercadoLibre marketplace in durante time.

Setting Up naquela Seller Account on MercadoLibre

The process of creating der new MercadoLibre account is not at todos difficult or different from the same procedures by various other marketplaces.

After you receive der letter with your account it is registered verification, you should follow ns provided link and log right into your newly produced account.


Just to it is in safe, inspect that your empresa information is correct. Girlfriend can a partir de it by conecte-se into the Seller Centre and going to mine Account and selecting Seller Profile. From there, you should also add your a empresa logo that will become naquela part of your brand picture on the marketplace.

Listing first Products

The procedure of creating products listing is no different em ~ any various other marketplace. You will must provide a following information:

Choose a type of product. MercadoLibre offers various main options, including vehicles, atuações estate, services, and other products.After you have successfully identified a main category, you should choose der subcategory para your products. Shot to be as details about it as you have the right to so the buyers would have the ability to easily discover your product.Then you will need to add naquela title and a subheading ao your product, provide der full summary with a main features mentioned e add product images.The duram step is para you to confirm that you really desire to add a new product listing.

How lot Does it cost to offer on MercadoLibre?

Before starting to market on any type of marketplace, every seller should discover what fees are specific to the platforms as they might take der toll on her profit margins.

The listing alternative is totally free on mercado Libre for all sellers. You a partir de not must pay something when adding your products. A marketplace charges sellers with der percentage of the product worth every time naquela product is sold. If you operate in Mexico, this dues accounts ao 17,5%, but porque o other countries, you will be charged with der 16% fee.

It is likewise worth psychic that once you administer customers with der free shipping option, MercadoLibre marketplace covers der certain percent of the shipping cost. When the marketplace counts the amount of shipping price it covers, that takes into account her reputation as naquela seller. More information on free shipping prices can be uncovered on its official website. 

How to sell on mercado Libre: profissional Tips

MercadoLibre used its own distinctive principles e mechanisms that helped it to was standing out em ~ the crowd. Here are a few things every conectados seller requirements to guarda in mind when operating on a marketplace.


While MercadoLibre permits selling assets in an ext than 150+ categories, several of them ~ ~ more estendido than ns others. Electronics and accessories, smartphones, goods for home and garden, sports goods, moda items, and auto parts estão products with ns highest level of conversion. If you are new to a marketplace, think about using these commodities to construct up your reputation.

Automatic translation

As MercadoLibre deals with buyers são de Latin America, it mostra products in ns corresponding languages. Sellers ~ ~ allowed to create e edit assets listings in English. Come make a process easier, mercado Libre provides naquela free tool porque o automatic translate in of the sellers’ conteúdo into Spanish e Portuguese

Automatic translation is not perfect, that is why a marketplace strong recommends sellers to provide conteúdo in the supported languages.



As der seller, friend can include an unlimited number of products come MercadoLibre since a platform does no have der limit top top SKU. However, if you estão a novo seller and the marketplace has actually not verified your data, you estão limited come 1000 SKUs. Come bypass ns restriction, girlfriend either must contact the MercadoLibre support centro or wait till it has actually verified your data.

Sellers have the right to integrate a provided API or use flat files to add product listing. However, neither of ns options estão easy-to-use. The is why that is precious using naquela multichannel listing platform. gives an elegant caminho of uploading products to MercadoLibre, synchronizing dia between multiple marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and online stores, keep track that orders e inventory across all sales channels.

Register top top and Get:

Forever totally free 99 SKU arrangement — the best sell on the market.Free & Easy connection to google Merchant porque o an limitless product upload come start google Smart shopping Campaigns.Reputation

Seller’s call plays a major function in how your products rank on a marketplace. Buyers can provide positive, neutral or negative feedback on the purchases. A process is reciprocal as sellers can also leave feedback on buyers. The feedback is hidden until both parties administer it. If the purchase, if not completed, canceled by either a buyer or seller, ns buyer can só leave an unfavorable or neutral feedback. Overselling is not how you can manter such feedback to der minimum; thus, you must track your inventory 24/7.

Your alvo is getting naquela light environment-friendly or dark green reputation. Sales com claims negatively affect it. You need to keep such sales together low together possible. MercadoLibre allows for 3% that your total sales for Argentina, Brazil and Mexico e 5% for chile to be the sales com claims.

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How to market on mercado Libre Marketplace: final Thoughts

Multichannel offering is der safe way of attracting new customers, boosting sales, and improving profit margins. If your marcado is come reach novo markets and sell products in a countries of latino America, ns marketplace the MercadoLibre should be your primary choice. The platform puts your commodities in former of 50+ millions of monthly users e markets them throughout 19 countries com little to no decorrer upfront investment em ~ your side.