Highs much more fashionable than a squareback GLC, many desirable features are standard, satisfying to drive. Lows AMG-tuned siblings are more exciting, stylish form sacrifices escritório space, shape likewise reduces behind headroom. Verdict ns sloped-back GLC300 coupe is great porque o folks who prioritize vanity end practicality.


The 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 coupe rides high like an SUV however looks an ext dramatic thanks to that is diving behind roofline. Ns latter impinges on escritório space e back-seat headroom, but that"s the preço of admission nowadays to a beauty pageant among compact luxury utes. The sloped-back Benz competes directly with ns Audi Q5 Sportback, the carro bmw X4, e the Infiniti QX55. Inside, a GLC"s passengers reap an upscale environment com fancy standard functions aplenty. Under the Benz"s hood is a 255-hp turbo-four powertrain the teams with standard all-wheel drive. While the 2022 GLC300 has der supple ride and nimble handling, it"s no as interesting as its souped-up siblings, a Mercedes-AMG GLC43 e GLC63.

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What"s New para 2022?

The apenas um difference between last year"s model e the 2022 GLC300 coupe is naquela smattering of newly standard features. Every version agora comes com automatic high-beam headlights, passive hands-free entry, parking dage detection, USB ports in a back seat, e a USB-C adapter cable. A list of obtainable paint colors likewise expands to include Starling blue Metallic.

Pricing and Which uma to Buy

The GLC300 coupe has enough standard amenities to manter the mean shopper in this segment smiling. However, come optimize ns coupe"s look-at-me shape, we"d opt porque o the AMG line with night package. The adds black para fora trim, der chrome diamond-block grille, e AMG-style 20-inch rims. It also dresses up a inside with der sportier-looking steering wheel e aluminum pedals. We"d likewise add a illuminated star logo for the grille that looks striking in ~ night. We"d increase a cabin"s richness with one of the leather upholstery options, ventilated former seats, heated steering wheel, ns 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, e the heat e noise-insulated side glass that really helps keep interior noise down.

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Engine, Transmission, e Performance

The GLC300 coupe it s okay its muscle from naquela turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that kicks o fim 255 horsepower and 273 pound-feet the torque. A nine-speed automatically transmission sends out power to tudo de four wheel via der standard 4Matic all-wheel-drive system. Us drove a GLC300 coupe number of years ago e have an ext recent experience with a SUV body style, yet we"ve never tested ns sloped-back one at a track. Still, we have the right to extrapolate ours impressions and say that a coupe"s suspension settings ser estar stiff sufficient to add a frisson that driver excitement, yet smooth sufficient to ensure the your daily commute is complimentary of bumps and jolts. It likewise comes with five available drive modes, allowing ns driver to tailor the coupe"s taking care of to suit their atmosphere or steering conditions.


Fuel Economy e Real-World MPG

The GLC300 coupe is approximated to knife 22 mpg in ns city and 28 mpg on a highway. However, those numbers are slightly lower than the four-cylinder bmw X4, i beg your pardon is rated in ~ 23 mpg city e 29 highway. We haven"t had actually a possibilidade to test ns Mercedes on ours 75-mph highway fuel-economy route, i m sorry simulates that is real-world mpg e is part of ours extensive testing regimen. Ao more info about ns "s fuel economy, visit the EPA"s website.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Cabin projeto within ns GLC coupe brims com swank euro flair. The centro stack curves gracefully into the console, and the floating touchscreen the sits aloft gives ns cabin a thoroughly modern-day appearance. Circular ar vents ~ ~ a running motif within the interior, e they have der look that"s both retro and contemporary. Ns GLC coupe"s prior seats ser estar spacious, yet headroom in the second heat is compromised by ns vehicle"s sloping roofline. As far as escritório capacity goes, this SUV provides 17 cubic feet with a rear seats in use and 50 cubes com those seats folded. That"s a lot less than you"ll compreendo with some small crossovers. Ao example, the Acura RDX supplies 30 cubic feet of escritório space behind its second row and 59 cubes behind its first row the seating.