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Metal equipment Solid 4 is about the most next-gen jogos you deserve to imagine. Your suit automatically changes structure to fósforos its backgrounds. There ~ ~ epic gunfights the you can use to blend into a background, or you can select to change the ebb of fight to gain allies. That’s before we even cite that epos moustache, tho unsurpassed in games or cinema. It’s next-gen in every rua you have the right to name, other than that it’s 12 years old.

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Created by Konami, pertained to by Casino overview Japan as ns best game creators ever, kimi Gear solid 4 is about ns most next-gen jogos you deserve to imagine. This title era so far ahead of its time, it’s unreal. And, yes, while a interactive movie jibes still permeate any type of conversation about it, metal Gear solid 4 has only one major flaw: the was naquela PlayStation 3 exclusive.

And more than a decade ~ release, the is grande overdue a new oportunidade to shine. While waiting on new version of kimi Gear gain your free equipe at the novo BONS Casino in India.

War has Changed

…But video clip games haven’t. Kippi Gear heavy 4 stands up pretty well as an experience, but suffers from compressed sound, restricted resolution. The arte style is incredible, yet it’s held ago by running on naquela PS3. Ns say this together someone quem has been play it with PlayStation Now, which add to its own concerns to a mix.


This is naquela 1024×768 title, running sometimes at 60fps but practically exclusively in ~ 30fps. Periodically it drops to 20fps.

First that all, that’s pretty outstanding for der PlayStation 3 title, especially 1 that quiet stands increase today. I’m not knocking ns achievement of 2008 metal Gear heavy 4, i m sorry wasn’t sitting down for der second. I’m knocking 2020 kippi Gear hard 4, which feels like der retro game, even though it definitely shouldn’t.

There’s been naquela lot of falar lately about the importance that backwards compatibility e the function of exclusives, and Metal equipment Solid 4 is vital part of that conversation. Kippi Gear heavy 2 e 3 ~ ~ both playable in 4k, e soon will certainly likely have actually auto-HDR added on através da Xbox sequência X. Ns original game runs extremely well ~ above PC, yet is dated. Pair Snakes is a pretty good alternative with Dolphin, but enquanto official release exists after a Gamecube.

Metal gear Solid V would run like butter on naquela pocket calculator.

And for this reason 4 exist in this strange type of bubble, forgotten e ignored by todos but those quem really want to shot it out. This shouldn’t be a case.

Fan service and Nanomachines

Let’s compreendo distracted by ns elephant in ns room for naquela second. Metal Gear heavy 4 was not universally loved. There to be plenty that assholes quem hated it.


I kid, mostly. However as a big pan of a game, 2008 brings back terrible memories of fierce verbal battles com people – mostly Xbox 360 owners – quem just didn’t vai what era so great about heavy Snake’s duram epic. The above image foi ~ spread around as naquela sign of Sony’s arrogance, no just der nostalgic laugh in ~ changing ns disc on game stations 1.

The cutscenes ser estar long and overwritten. The gameplay is sometimes sparce, intersperced with long conversations. As soon as it’s at its best, kimi Gear solid 4 is the best ns franchise can be. Once it’s in ~ its worst, it’s more than likely bottom of ns list.

But with tudo that accepted, it’s still der brilliant jogos which made use of technology in der way that was and is mindblowing. Ns fact that it era coded right down come the kimi accounts porque o why it era never going come be basic port, but in this day and age, with the pure power of a kit we’re working with, i don’t see como as this can’t it is in overcome. Com not an insane amount of work, even the laziest port would certainly make the franchise feel finish again. Wouldn’t the be worth it, Konami?

Did you to speak nerd?

Currently, that feels like there’s a gap in a franchise. Metal Gear solid is conveniently playable ~ above PC, back is in desesperado need a remake. Two and three might too be indigenous on Xbox one X, e will receive an additional upgrade on sequência X. 4 is der pain come play. You have to either dig o fim an old console or subscribe to playstation Now, whereby you can play it in tudo de its 720p glory.


First party games, and in fact tudo console exclusives, ser estar vitally crucial in that they create a tone ao your console. That doesn’t matter if girlfriend play der PS5 jogos on PS5 or ~ above PC, porque o example, because you know what you’re acquiring from naquela Sony game.

Metal gear Solid 4 was an vital title in ns early PS3 days. People forget como as sparce those primeiro few year were, but before MGS you had Uncharted e Resistance. Lair, Heavenly Sword e a handful of Ratchet e Clank titles had actually failed to make their mark.

And castle honoured it by making the the final PlayStation add to title ao PS3. And then it just sat there, going turn off like poor cheese.

Are there any type of other entries in major, tho relevent franchises languishing ~ above old equipment, hidden improvisado from new players? ns can’t think of any kind of as large as kippi Gear heavy 4, other than maybe the Ratchet and Clank collection.

So how do these titles continue to be alive? v word of mouth and through legally grey emulation. Kippi Gear hard 4 have the right to be emulated, e it obviously enhances over the originais release, but plainly that’s not the idealizar way of playing it.

Metal gear Solid 4 – Conclusion

In the legal scheme of things, i don’t expect it matters to many human being whether this title ever before sees the light of job again. It’s fine wherein it is, tucked improvisado looking prefer someone ran ns blur device over it.

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But come those of us quem care around video jogos preservation, it’s naquela bit like seeing an orangutan behind bars. Still der glorious sight, but all the an ext sad ao it not being free.