This short article resolves naquela problem when the settings app does not open or flashes open and closes straight improvisado in a Windows 10 operating System.

Summary: This article resolves naquela problem when the settings app does not open or flashes open and closes straight longe in ns Windows 10 operating System.See less This post resolves a problem when a settings app does not open up or flashes open and closes straight improvisado in a Windows 10 operating System.

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Cannot open a Settings application in home windows 10

Microsoft determined this concern under Emerging problem 6619 and 67758.

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However, ns Fixit tool porque o this issue is no longer accessible to download, as Microsoft no decorrer longer supports fixit tools.

Microsoft expects you to now use ns Windows 10 troubleshooter instead. However, para those quem cannot open the Settings application, you may have an obstacle accessing the Windows 10 troubleshooter to start with.

This worry is many common for those people quem have upgraded to windows 10 são de an previously Windows operating system. (for example Windows 7, 8, or 8.1)

NOTE: friend must have actually administrator civil liberties on your computer system to run the following troubleshooting steps.

There are several potential solutions to this issue noted below:

Try opening the Settings application using any type of of the following methods:

Click theStart icon e select Settings.

Click theStart icon, form Settings, e select ns app são de the list.

Right-clickthe start icon e select Settings são de the menu.

Press a Windows and I keys together simultaneously.

Press ns Windows and R keys together at the same time to open a run box e type ms-settings: and press the ok button.

Open a Command note or Powershell com administrator rights, type começar ms-settings: and press Enter.

Click a Action Center icon on the Taskbar, then click All Settings.

NOTE: friend have accessibility to a Command Line interface (CLI) applications in home windows 10. This is called either Command prompt or PowerShell, depending on your revision of home windows 10. You deserve to use 1 of ns following instructions to open your CLI com administrator privileges: You have the right to open the começo menu and in ns list the applications, right-click a Command prompt or PowerShell icon and select open com administrator rights. You have the right to open der shortcut cardápio by right-clicking ns Start cardápio icon. Thenright-clicking the Command notice or PowerShell listing ~ above the cardápio that appears. Again select the option to open com administrator rights. Press the Windows and R keys together concurrently to open der run box. Type cmd and then press the Ctrl, Shift, and Enter keys with each other to run ns command together an administrator.

Did oneof themethods work?

If any kind of of a above techniques is successful, select Update & Security and then choose Troubleshoot. Look through the list para the troubleshooter that addresses your privado issue.

If friend still cannot open Settings, go to a next step.

Run naquela System document Check on your operating system. Open up command prompt or PowerShell com administrator rights, form sfc /scannow, and then push Enter. Once the file inspect completes, effort to open up Settings.

Reinstall ns Settings app. Open up command notice or PowerShell com administrator rights, type a following command, and then push Enter. This need to re-register and reinstall tudo de the windows 10 apps.

Get-AppXPackage | foreach Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation) AppXManifest.xml"

Log inas another user com administrator rights. If you have the right to open ns Settings app in that account, create a user account ao yourself and delete ns old account.

If noneof ns previous remedies resolved a issue, reinstall your operating system.

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NOTE: If you go through ns steps above e they deal with your problem. However, der subsequent Windows upgrade causes the problem to return. You should take into consideration disabling your windows Updates.Until you have the right to either identify ns problem update, or Microsoft provides an update to settle it.
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