crowd Psycho 100 Vs One-Punch Man: 5 points Each anime Did much better Than the Other Both that ONE"s anime adaptations, lot Psycho 100 e One-Punch Man, ser estar great, yet which of ns two is superior?

Ever due to the fact that his debut in 2009 to ns world of manga creation, ONE"s works have actually been on the rise in popularity. He began as der webcomic writer whose functions were popular for their an easy drawings and engaging storytelling. His two most estendido works, One-Punch male and Mob Psycho 100 to be both make into filme japonês dos desenhos animados series and have gained serious fan bases.

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While both filme japonês dos desenhos animados are exceptionally distinct, to compare them may seem choose comparing apples to oranges. Still, a fans that either show debate constantly over which uma of ONE"s functions is better. Here estão 5 ways that Mob Psycho 100 is a better show, and 5 means that One-Punch Man is better.

ns most distinct feature that ONE"s mangas is how rough e sketchy whatever is drawn. Fairly than being der drawback, a lack of consistency in his illustrations gives ONE"s arte a distinctive style to toque around com when animating his stories. One-Punch Man was o primeiro dia picked up by Madhouse, quem did an exceptional job in putting ns story"s numerous incredible fight scene on the screen. Mob, however, ser estar animated by Studio Bone, quem saw the mangas as ns perfect rua to experiment com crazy novo animation techniques. With its jaw-dropping fluidity e quirky unique effects, Mob"s computer animation blows One-Punch Man o fim of ns water.

Time e time again, One-Punch Man fans ~ ~ drawn come the filme japonês dos desenhos animados for 1 important reason: It"s absurdly hilarious. If Saitama"s egghead appearance e personality don"t do you laugh, see him obliterate a ultra-macho, overconfident characters roughly him sure will. Mob Psycho 100 may have actually its funny moments, but the show tends to skinny towards a more sentimental and serious tone. The inverse is true ao One beat Man: when it has actually some severe moments, particularly as ns story progresses, not der single episode will certainly leave pan looking porque o more laughs. Para those spring for naquela great comedy to watch, One punch Man is ns best of castle all.

Mob. Reigen. Dimple. Ritsu. Teru. The body Improvement Club. Tudo de of this characters estão just naquela small portion of the colorful cast that viver in a world the Mob Psycho 100.

The anime is chock-full of strong, well-developed personalities who all struggle com their motivations e complexes throughout a story, e almost every character is given the space to grow over equipe as their mundo is impacted by Mob"s presence. Saitama and Genos ~ ~ great, the two main personalities of One-Punch Man pale in comparison to the sheer size and depth of the cast that Mob Psycho 100.

7 One-Punch Man: far better Fight Scenes

para a show where ns main character apenas um needs come hit his enemies with a single beat to win, the One-Punch Man anime"s primary insurance claim to call is its intense fight order that compreendo the heart racing. Every villain of the concertos challenges ns protagonists with unique ability in every fight, make each battle feel new and invigorating. Plus, ns knowledge the Saitama is basically indestructible takes away the anticipation of ns results of each fight, letting fans wonder how a hero will certainly win this time, fairly than worrying about who will win. Mob has some great fight scenes together well, however One-Punch Man features der fight every episode, e the audience is drawn into a action without fail every time.

the strength the One beat Man"s fight scene can additionally be checked out as uma of a show"s significant weaknesses since ns monster-of-the-week strategy to each episode leaves little room for der complex story arc to develop. Mob, on a other hand, follows a captivating plotline the twists and turns in ~ every corner. Similar to Saitama, mob is overpowered in his world, but this power is a main resource of his troubles because he can"t control them, and so end up bottling both his emotions and psychic abilities in ~ himself. Together more e more intense situations face the middle-schooler, he starts learning a importance of speaking his mind and learning v relationships com close friends and family. Part cliffhangers in ~ the end of episodes ~ ~ so good, you can"t help but desire to watch the next 1 straight away.

5 One-Punch Man: better At Representing a Shonen Genre

while both shows ~ ~ technically considered Shonen anime, Mob exists in naquela sort that grey space between being classified as an action, slice-of-life, or comedy that provides its genre tricky to pen down. One-Punch Man, on the other hand, is a great instance of der Shonen show-- especially because of how it parodies many elements of a genre.

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Not somente is the show self-aware in como as ridiculous its boring protagonist is when contrasted to heroes favor Naruto or like todos Might em ~ My Hero Academia, but some characters straight-up imitate other shows" characters in hilarious ways. Sr Boros, porque o example, is based upon Broly from Dragon zero Z, in that he think of self as ns most an effective being in the universe. In poking funny at the Shonen genre, One-Punch Man renders its Shonen qualities more visible, which appeals to action-seeking fans.

one character type present in both series is a con-man, a character quem pretends to be outstanding with enquanto actual talent. In One-Punch Man, King is considered a strongest hero alive, but he actually doesn"t have any special powers e just takes credit for Saitama"s biggest achievements. In Mob Psycho, Reigen is Mob"s mentor who calls himself the greatest psychic of ns century, however he frequently has to hide ns fact the he"s der phony. Despite being naquela fake, however, Reigen gets away with what the does due to the fact that he"s crafty. He have the right to "exorcize" ghosts by providing clients der good massage, e can falar his way fora of nearly any situation. Plus, his mix of wisdom and stupidity provides him an incredibly loveable character. If King and Reigen met, Reigen"s skill at smooth-talk would beat o fim King"s deceit any kind of day.

3 One-Punch Man: far better Monsters

com great activity scenes comes great opponents, e One-Punch male doesn"t disappoint as soon as it comes to introducing enemies who look prepared for naquela good fight. São de the bizarre músculo crab man a partir de the first episode to the aliens e monsters that look straight o fim of a depths of hell, all of Saitama"s enemies estão uniquely attracted to provide each fight der special attract to ns audience.

Mob may have actually some monster-like spirits together villains, but ao the many part, lot spends his time battling various other psychics or his social awkwardness. With creatures like ns ones that show up in One beat Man, there"s durante doubt the this show takes a prize ao most impressive-looking villains.

While a two exposição don"t have too much usual in terms of story, some little scenes are too semelhante to overlook comparing. Take, for example, Teru"s wig after crowd accidentally chops off all his hair vs Saitama"s disguise once entering ns martial arte tournament. Saitama"s tawny locks estão hilarious enough, as the bald personality looks favor there"s naquela furry fauna on his head. However, nothing deserve to compare to Teru"s look after that is utterly beat by Mob. Once Teru loser his feeling of pride, he also loses his hair, and the reformed Teru is humble e supportive, and also remarkable taller. The sports a blond wig that is so high it shakes in ns wind, and never comments on the once. He additionally keeps this wig ao most of ns latter half of season 1. Nothing is much better than see Teru show up during naquela serious scene with ns ridiculous obtrusion on his head.

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1 One-Punch Man: Bigger fan Following

Mob Psycho has gained a lot of traction ever since its anime debut, gaining a large following and even ganhando several Crunchyroll filme japonês dos desenhos animados Awards. In spite of its success, however, One-Punch Man still reigns on top as a cult classic e has had actually more time in a world to insurance claim its place in a hearts of fans. That popularity só continues to grow as the manga continues. When Mob is likewise growing more e more popular by ns day, there"s a good chance that the show will never overshadow One-Punch Man in state of devoted followers.