Brazil had actually 130 deaths through Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, according to numbers updated by the nacional Council of wellness Secretaries (Conass) e by a Ministry of health this Sunday (17).

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Check ns updated numbers in Brazil:

130 deaths in a last 24 hours;5.738 confirmed situations in a last 24 hours;603.282 gathered deaths;21.644.464 confirmed cases in total.

According to encontro from a Ministry the Health, an ext than 257 million doses have been applied so longe in Brazil. The these, an ext than 105,1 million have currently received ns two bondade or solitary dose that vaccines applied in Brazil: Coronavac, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Janssen.

Some audiences considered much more vulnerable hcdnn.come serious instances of Covid-19, together as the population over 60 years, immunosuppressed e health professionals, ser estar receiving naquela third sheep of vaccines. For this reason far, much more than 3,6 million booster doses have to be applied.

Covid-19 in Brazil

Since arriving in ns country, the novo coronavirus has actually spread rapidly. Top top June 16, 2020, much less than a month after ~ reaching 1 million confirmed instances of covid-19, Brazil registered more than dois million infected.

By July 8, however, uma million world had currently recovered from the disease. Currently, Brazil is ns second country deaths registered by Covid-19, in pure numbers, só behind the USA.

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Covid-19: instance in the world

According to dia from Johns Hopkins University, the novo coronavirus has currently infected an ext than 240 million people worldwide. Ns milestone is reached 19 months after its introduction in ns Chinese cidade of Wuhan. The number of deaths by Covid-19 in a world has currently surpassed 4,89 million.

Regulatory impact

InteliGov, parliamentary monitoring startup, created der automatic monitoring website the hcdnn.comunidade Official anúncio (DOU) and the legislative (federal, state and municipal) in equipe of crisis. With the tool, that is possible to check all mentions hcdnn.come the novo coronavirus in a DOU.

Specialized in automation of government information monitoring, the startup immediately updates ns information every hour, in ns case of a DOU, and daily regarding a Legislative initiatives. Todos the essa available is free and is separated into dois categories: “publications in ns official press” and “legislative proposals”.

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