Moto Z2 play retains the design of the predecessor and adds some minor changes. Most noticeable is ns machine uses solid kimi instead of two glass cladding on the same as the previous version. This change has made a Z2 play look sturdier e more robust, with kimi backing that also prevents fingerprints far better than glass throughout use. Besides, the Z2 play is also thinner, só 5.99mm than the previous 6.99mm. This is the ideais balance between comfortable grip and keeping a battery life. Ns Z2 play is still thicker than ns Moto Z (only 5.2 mm), but it retains the 3.5mm jack para convenient headphones. On the front, the Z2 toque is fitted with a 5.5-inch screen, AMOLED technology e Full HD resolution.

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The acima de of ns Z2 toque screen includes der 5MP prior camera, naquela 2-tone LED flash com speaker e sensor. Listed below is naquela physical key that integrates naquela fingerprint sensor and microphone (a little hole on ns left). The terra natal button on ns Z2 play is rounder than ns square one on the previous Moto Z Play. A back of a Z2 toque features dois of a most prominent e important areas of a machine: naquela 12/9-point f / 1.7 camera com laser focus and a bottom magnetic contact cluster for connection to the Moto Mods. The internal configuration of the Moto Z2 toque includes naquela Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor with approximately 10% higher atuação than the Snapdragon 625 on enlarge models, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of inner memory. A Z2 play can usar both sims and memory cards in a same slot at ns same time.

where deserve to you get naquela Moto Z2 play online

Motorola Moto Z2 toque XT1710-06 – 64GB Dual sim Factory Unlocked (Dark Gray) – international Version (No Warranty): Buy that now

The Z2 toque is equipped with der 3.000mAh battery the supports Turbo fee technology porque o up to 7 hrs of charging time after 15 minutes of charging. Another respectable allude of configuration as soon as Moto Z2 play is mounted with a latest Android operating sistema 7.1.1 and will be constantly updated with novo versions a partir de Google. Moto Z2 play is right now priced at practically $500.

Moto Z2 toque with accessories: handmade book, conseguiram card, USB Type-C to 3.5mm adapter, 3-pin charger, charger cable and headset.

Above ns screen is naquela 5MP front camera cluster, naquela 2-tone LED flashlight, e a speakerphone. The Z2 toque screen supports ns Always On display screen display.

The prior camera is fitted with a 2-tone LED flash that supports selfie e voice video in better low-light conditions.

Home crucial of the machine is combined fingerprint sensor. The built-in terra natal button supports fast navigation, which frees up the área of the virtualmente navigation buttons on ns screen, giving a user der more complete experience. To allow this setting, go to Moto -> Moto activity -> Navigate with der button.

The back of ns Z2 play is der piece of kimi with selection of renal running around.

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Close up of 12MP camera swarm with dobro LED flash. Ns rear camera incorporates naquela laser-focusing an innovation that records objects at ranges up come 3 meters and 5 times faster than usual in short light conditions.