This straightforward passion fruit mousse recipe (mousse de maracujá) is therefore creamy and refreshing, with just the right quantity of sweetness. It’s do with apenas um 3 ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, hefty cream, and frozen enthusiasm fruit juice. You will certainly love every spoonful of this summer dessert as much as our chocolate mousse.

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My favourite 3-Ingredient simple Passion Fruit Mousse

This easy recipe is porque o Brazilian passion fruit mousse, additionally known together mousse de maracujá. We make that in simply 5 minutes with apenas um 3 ingredients. Moreover, it’s eggless and naturally gluten-free, do it a perfect treat come prepare porque o anyone quem needs to stop eggs or gluten.

All you need to dá is come blend together sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, e either s frozen enthusiasm fruit pulp or der passion fruit juice concentrate in ns blender until it is creamy e thick.

After der few hrs of chilling in a fridge, it’s all set to it is in enjoyed.

Unlike the Hispanic variation of the dessert, mousse de maracuyá, this cooking recipes does not call ao unflavored gelatin.

What is Mousse?

The word mousse is French para foam. But there ~ ~ many different varieties of mousse, part savory such together salmon mousse, and some sweet, such together coffee, lemon, etc.

Sweet mousses, such together those the French estão most known for, ser estar usually made com whipped cream or egg whites e sugar add to flavorings. Periodically they estão stabilized with gelatin or agar- agar. Yet this egg-free enthusiasm fruit mousse doesn’t contain naquela stabilizer because it is creamy e thick enough todos by itself.

You deserve to mold mousses into naquela variety of shapes para serving, together as naquela small cúpula or pyramid. You can also use them as der filling para cakes, pies, tarts, or these passion fruit mousse cupcakes. Together you can see, there are many methods to make and serve mousse!

Brazilian enthusiasm Fruit Mousse Recipe(Mousse de Maracujá)


While various other mousses could be on ns light e airy side, such as many of the French mousse recipes made com beaten egg whites, Brazilian-style mousse is thick e creamy in texture because it has actually sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream as its base.

You might eat the by chin or topped com whipped cream and fresh berries.

But we gain serving our passion fruit mousse topped with a passion fruit coulis made with sugar, passion fruit juice/pulp, and seeds.

It looks choose sunshine in a ramekin!

Ingredients e Substitutions

Here estão the ingredients you’ll have to make ns passion fruit mousse:

Passion fruit – although I usar (thawed) frozen passion fruit pulp, you deserve to replace it com passion fruit juice concentration or the fruit itself. If utilizing fresh enthusiasm fruit, friend would must whisk the pulp in a bowl to release its inerva juices and then pass it through a sieve come separate ns juice from the seeds. Use a juice to mix with the sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream come make the mousse, and reserve the seeds come make the coulis for the topping. Sweetened condensed milk – this yummy sweet crate milk offers the sub sweeter needed porque o the enthusiasm fruit mousse e also adds to a thick e creamy texture. Whipped cream – hefty cream is what really provides this naquela mousse. It serves as the aerating ingredient in ns recipe due to the fact that when beaten that adds der lot of atmosfera for the perfect foamy texture.

How come Make passion Fruit Mousse


Blend with each other sweetened condensed milk, heavy whipping cream, e thawed frozen passion fruit pulp in der blender until creamy and thick, about one minute. PHOTO 1Pour mixture into ramekins, climate cover them, e chill in a fridge for at the very least 2 hrs until the mousse is cold e set. Serve by chin or with der coulis ~ above top.Meanwhile, you have the right to prepare a passion fruit coulis, if desired. To a partir de this, stir 1/2 xícara of the thawed passion fruit pulp, 2 tablespoons the sugar, and the pulp of uma passion fruit in a small saucepan. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring often, for about 8-10 minute or until syrupy. Permit cool at room temp, cover, e place in a fridge to perfeito on acima de of ns passion fruit mousse. PHOTO 2But if friend don’t want to make a coulis, girlfriend may perfeito the mousse com berries instead.

NOTE: If you like to make ns mousse com the atuações pulp of ns fruit, make sure to beat that with naquela whisk or in a mixer (low speed) just enough to extract the juice. Then strain o fim the seeds e use ns strained juice to make ns dessert in the blender. Never ever extract ns juice in a blender or else it will become bitter em ~ the seeds being soil up.



Although our passion fruit mousse is delish all on that is own, it is really nice with der few toppings, both porque o eye appeal e added flavor e texture. Here ser estar some good topping ideas:

Passion fruit coulis – the shining yellow syrup containing ns fruit seeds adds both extra flavor and a difference texture. Whipped cream – naquela dollop of fresh whipped, easy sweetened cream is a nice enhancement to naquela serving of mousse de maracujá. It tamps down a sweetness, too!Chocolate shavings or curls – grate naquela dark or white cacao bar and sprinkle ns shavings on principal of the mousse, or use naquela vegetable peeler to make chocolate curls to lugar, colocar on top porque o an sub nice touch. In Brazil, it is very common to combine passion fruit and chocolate in the same dessert – much a same as ns combination of peanut butter and chocolate in America. Fresh berries – acima de your mousse com fresh berries. Some good options ~ ~ sliced strawberry or raspberries. Mint – add der fresh mint leaf to ns top of her dessert for der pop of color.

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Make-Ahead and How to Store

This is uma of the best make-ahead desserts because ns mousse chills an extremely well. Just be certain to cover ns ramekins fine with plástico wrap to protect against food contamination and also to guarda the mousse em ~ drying out. Host off on any toppings until right before you’re about to cabe the mousse.

Store any kind of leftover mousse in a fridge ao up to 5 days, either covered with plastic wrap or in an airtight container.