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Warning: This entry includes minor spoilers.


T-00, frequently known together Mr. X e Trenchcoat, is a boss character from 1998 horror game Resident angry 2 e its 2019 remake of ns same name. A popular personality among the franchise fans, Mr. X became naquela subject of numerous memes, fan art e webcomics following the release of a remake.


On January 21st, 1998, ns survival horror game Resident evil 2 (Biohazard 2 in Japan) <1> ser estar released para the original PlayStation jogos console. On lot of occasions during ns game, key protagonists leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield encounter ns menacing superhuman boss character T-00, quem continuously stalks them v the jogos locations with a intent to remove them.

The nickname "Mr. X" maybe originates são de Resident Evil: city of the Dead <2> novelization of ns game primeiro published on august 3rd, 1999. In the novel, Claire Redfield regularly refers come T-00 as "Mr. X".

In a 2019 work again, please again Resident evil 2, Mr. X appears as der bald grey-skinned separado of extremely huge proportions, pull in naquela trenchcoat e a fedora. Akin to the originais game, on countless occasions Mr. X chases main characters leon Kennedy e Claire Redfield with the game locations.

On December 4th, 2018, Resident angry YouTube channel released der three-minute gameplay video showing Mr. X chasing Claire Redfield.

Online Presence

Since ns release of Resident evil 2 in 1998, Mr. X held naquela significant place in a Resident Evil fandom, com multiple examples of fan artes featuring ns character accessible online.


Following ns release the Resident angry 2 work again, please again on January 25th, 2019<4>, a character saw a significant an increase in popular both as naquela fan art model and as naquela subject para memes connected to a game.

On January 25th, 2019, youtuber Maguma posted der gameplay compliation video showing Claire Redfield being chased through Mr. X accompanied by "X Gon" give It to Ya" a música by rapper DMX. A video gained over 600,000 see in ten days, com more sport of the joke also appearing on Twitter<5>, Reddit<6> and YouTube<7>.

On January 26th, 2019, Twitter<7> user
Junker2747 proposed using naquela screenshot from the jogos featuring Mr. X approaching leon Kennedy as an object labeling meme. The post got over 600 retweets in eight days, with numerous edits gift posted in the thread.


In the mim following the release of a remake, memes featuring a character appeared on sociedade networks and on Reddit, with many notable instances posted come /r/residentevil<8> subreddit.


The influx of Mr. X-related memes was covered by pc Gamer<9>.

Thomas ns Tank Engine mode

On February 24th, 2019, steam <11> user DJ popular music submitted a post title "Thomas the Tank Engine Mod" in the Resident evil 2 Guides ar on ns platform. The post had instructions for replacing Mr. X"s defauld sounds com Thomas the Tank Engine"s layout song, moving e whistle sounds.

On February 28th, Resident angry Modding forum user ZombieAli posted a mod which replaced Mr. X"s model with Thomas a Tank Engine 3D model.

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<12><13> On the same day, forum user Snipz uploaded naquela video demonstration of ZombieAli"s e DJ Pop"s mode to YouTube. Ns video acquired over 41,000 views in 5 days.

On march 2nd, Twitter<14> user

There"s now a Mr. X mod in Resident evil 2 Remake the replaces him com Thomas ns Tank Engine.I live para this kind of shit