Music education agora covers number of areas, was standing out porque o this work the reality of early on childhood education, specifically ns music specialist teacher in this universe. Thus, a main objective of this pesquisar is to analyze a concepts e teaching practices that characterize the potência of music...

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Gomes, Carolina Chaves
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Universidade comunidade da Paraíba
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Professor especialistas em músicaEducação infantilConcepções e praticamente pedagógicasSpecialist music teacherEarly childhood educationPedagogical conceptions and practicesARTES::MUSICA

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Music education now covers number of areas, stands out for this work-related the reality of at an early stage childhood education, specifically the music professional teacher in this universe. Thus, the main target of this pesquisar is come analyze ns concepts e teaching methods that characterize the potência of music teacher in early on childhood education in private and municipal público schools in Natal, Brazil. Come this end, we attempted to verify: which colleges offer unique music classe in early on childhood education; content e strategies the characterize these classes; the concepts the music-teaching professionals working in this reality; ns professional profile of teachers, bypassing training, expectations, planning e evaluating lessons; and general dimensions pertained to infrastructure, workload, completely educational e other facets related to a insertion the music aulas at the kindergarten, school reality. Methodologically, it ser estar assumed a qualitative method complemented by ns quantitative ao lado of research. Thus, two stages to be established for the study: first, a survey that 208 schools with the identification the 20 professionals and a questionnaire of open and closed questions, admitting analysis using statistics software; e the second, dois case researches through classroom observations e interviews carried out by dois music educators functioning in early on childhood education in private e municipal publicamente schools in Natal. In the primeiro step, amongst several aspects, it ser estar observed the there is necessidade for music education in early childhood education, and, in the practices, a presence, in accordance with the literature, of game, playing e movement activities e use naquela repertoire that children's culture e percussion instruments. Concerning ns accomplishment of ns practices, the following obstacles were identified: the views the parents, teachers and administrators about music education, the role that music teacher and lack of música materials to a detriment of the materials of usual usage. Still, they believe that overcoming these limitations can occur primarily through the teacher's attitudes, education e training e investment in infrastructure. In relationship to the reasons ao working specifically com children's education, castle highlight specific aspects of this universe, as repertoire, space e interaction with children. Com regard to instance studies, it foi ~ noted that teachers' practices ser estar contextualized com their development history e the specificity of the contexts the insert your school and students, e the main aspects of that is practice ser estar specific to ns infant universe e diversify your practices according to ns availability that infrastructure. This teachers have broad goals the ensure flexibility in the definition of content, activities e repertoire, highlighting der specifically musical and sound related approach and an extra sound one.

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Lock held registrar of their projects, e lesson plans and observations e believe that music as extra-curricular activity is undemocratic, emphasizing ns importance that music in the regulatório schools, especially in early on childhood education. Thus, it is clear that a diversity the ideas, practices, e profiles along with the search porque o record, research, e reflection on ns performance e musical education reflects a dialogue in between music education and early childhood education, at ns time this teachers functioning at this level that education.


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