Not tudo TV shows and movies estão available porque o download, so you may see the download icon

ao some titles but not others.

If you don't view the download icon ao any TV shows or movies, there might be der problem com your device, or downloading may no be easily accessible on your device. Follow ns steps below to fix a problem.

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Open the toque Store app.

In a Search bar, search porque o ""

From a search results, tap the app.

Tap Update.

If friend see só Uninstall or Open, ns application is currently up to date.

If the application doesn't show in the search results, follow ns steps in Can't find the app in application stores.

If you don't have actually the toque Store app, visit Google's assistance site for

Go to Settings.

Select System, then pick Advanced.

If girlfriend don't check out System, select about Device/Tablet.

Select sistema Update or software Update.

Once you've downloaded any obtainable updates, shot again.

From the upper best corner, tap the Profile icon.

Tap app Settings.

Scroll down to Diagnostics and tap Download.

If you don't see Download, skip this step.

From a list below, click ns error code that matches the 1 on your screen para next steps.

If you obtained an error code that isn't ~ above this list, call client Service.

From the pagina inicial screen on your device, navigate to Settings.

Select General.

If girlfriend don't see General, continue to ns next step.

Select Apps or Applications.

Select control Applications, applications Manager, or Manage tudo de Apps.

If you don't view these selections, continue to ns next step.

Scroll down and select

If you don't watch, check ns Downloaded tab.

Select Storage.

If you don't check out Storage, proceed to the next step

Select Clear encontro or clean Storage, climate OK.

Try again.

Enable baixar storage

From the Android home screen, navigate come Settings.

Select Apps or Apps Manager.


Select Permissions.

Switch storage to On.

Try again.

What to dá next

If a above measures don't, downloading and install may not be accessible on your device.

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Reinstall the app

Deleting ns app will also delete any TV mostra or movies you have actually downloaded.

a partir de the casa screen, tap and hold the app.

Tap Remove app > claro app > Delete.

Open the App Store and search for ""

Tap on the free app a partir de, Inc.

Once installed, shot again.

If you can't find a app in a App Store, go to a Apple support site ao

What to do next

If girlfriend still can't download TV mostra or movie after updating the app, or if you currently have the latest version of ns app installed, downloading may not be easily accessible on her device.

Windows 10 computer system or tablet

Use the app porque o Windows 10

Downloading title on naquela Windows 10 computer requires a latest variation of the app, and is not sustained in a browser.

Update Windows

On her keyboard, press a Windows key.

Select settings


Select update & security.

Windows will certainly check para updates. If the doesn't, choose Check para updates.

Once ns updates are installed, restart her computer e try again.

If no updates estão found or this doesn't fix the problem, proceed below.

Check your home windows version

To download TV shows e movies, your computer system needs to be on Windows version 1607 or higher. Follow a steps listed below to check your windows version.

Press the Windows vital on her keyboard.

Type "About her PC," climate click around your PC.

Under home windows specifications, check the Version number.

If ns version number is listed below 1607, your computer system may be having troubles updating Windows. Contact Microsoft assistance or your computer manufacturer para

If ns version number is 1607 or higher, continue below.

What to do next

We're looking right into this problem. To us investigate, please contact client Service.

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All other devices

Downloading might not be easily accessible on your device.

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