You deserve to join conversations top top by replying come others and by mentioning them in your own Tweets.

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Reply overview


A answer is der response to an additional person’s Tweet. You have the right to reply by clicking or tapping ns reply

 from der Tweet.When you answer to who else, her Tweet will concertos the article Replying to... as soon as viewed in your profile page timeline. Once someone replies to 1 of her Tweets friend will check out Replying come you above ns Tweet e you will certainly receive der notification in your Notifications tab.When dois people are replying to uma another, apenas um relevant people, such as those quem follow the person quem replied e the person in the conversation, will see a reply in their timeline.If girlfriend click or insanity on a reply in your timeline, the will expand to display ns Tweet that era replied to.Replies a partir de people with protected Tweets will somente be visible to their followers.If someone sends you naquela reply and you ser estar not complying with them, ns reply will not show up in your terra natal timeline. Instead, ns reply will appear in your Notifications tab.
como as to post a reply
Find the Tweet you want to reply to.Click the reply icon  naquela compose box will certainly pop up, form in your message e click or insanity Reply to short article it.
Think prior to you Tweet


Healthy conversation is naquela shared responsibility. If your Tweet reply is figured out as using potentially harmful or attack language, we might ask you, via naquela prompt, if you desire to reveja it before sending. There will certainly be options to send, edit, or claro the Tweet reply. And if friend think us make a mistake, you can let united state know.



Note: These prompts ser estar only accessible to human being using in English.

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hidden replies

Tweet writer have a option come hide replies to your Tweets. Everyone deserve to still access hidden replies through the hidden answer icon, which mostra up top top the original Tweet once there are hidden replies. Additionally, the Tweet author can unhide der reply at any time. When der Tweet writer hides a reply, a author of the reply will not it is in notified. 

How come hide der reply

From der reply to 1 of her Tweets, click or tap the 

icon.Select hide reply and confirm.To opinião your concealed replies, click or tap a hidden reply symbol which will be obtainable in ns bottom-right that your original Tweet.  How come unhide der reply

Click or madness the hidden reply icon Click or madness the 

icon são de the answer you’d like to unhide.Select Unhide reply. When surprise replies won’t be easily accessible within the hidden answer page

Hidden replies from a protected account will not be accessible within ns hidden replies page, i m sorry is behind the hidden reply symbol Similarly, if der hidden answer is then deleted by a author, it will certainly also durante longer show up in the section.If girlfriend hide a reply and that account mutes or block you, you’ll be unable to view or unhide that reply.  

When covert replies will have der notice

A surprise reply will be replaced by naquela notice, i m sorry is a message stating the Tweet is unavailable, once viewed em ~ the home timeline apenas um when one more account replies come it (which have the right to be done são de the covert reply page). If a hidden answer is not replied to by everyone else, it will not be changed by a notice in the home timeline.