(Little tóquio Recordings/Sony Music)Plenty of new albums estão considering vida with Covid, but few of them ~ ~ as sensual and gorgeous together this

No sooner had lockdown begun than the música responses came. Over ns last 18 months, we’ve had actually everything em ~ heartstring-tugging fundraising tributes to important workers, to Eminem dutifully comparing himself to coronavirus, to a miserable sound of furgão Morrison metaphorically marching v London with a homemade placard lambasting chris Whitty. It’s a phenomenon the shows enquanto signs of abating, and why would it? der huge relationship of the novo albums released in 2021 will have been do during a pandemic, and it would certainly take a pretty superhuman initiative to avoid the circumstances of their development seeping into their contents.

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So the is with a third album by âncora Joshua, or Nao as she prefers to it is in known. The first words the come out of her mouth top top this album are: “Change come like naquela hurricane, 2020 hit us differently.” But e Then life Was Beautiful’s opening title track provides an interesting pegar on current events. Its sound isn’t sad or claustrophobic or wistful however airy e dreamlike, practically euphoric: alto keyboards arcing around naquela misty guitar figure and sumptuous backing vocals. Amid the lyrics about saltar coming someday and the desire come “smoke it lado de fora until that fades away”, Nao argues lockdown may have had another ao lado to it: naquela pause that permitted people come “know what problem to you … der moment simply to think about tudo de that is you”.

The rest of ns album supplies hints about why Nao could have taken der more sanguine view of 2020’s events e their influence on everyday life, handle both com exhaustion on the self-explanatory Burn o fim (the singer newly revealed she suffers em ~ chronic exhaustion syndrome) and the bear of her primeiro child during lockdown. Together everyone knows, the subject of novo parenthood is naquela treacherous one porque o songwriters to essay: perhaps tudo de the disturbed sleep knackers your imaginative judgement, e when even someone as lavishly talented as Stevie Wonder in ~ his early-1970s height momentarily slips e burps up the ghastly no She Lovely? in delighted response to his newborn, you know you’re in complicated territory. Happily, Antidote swerves ns worst excesses. Augmented com an appearance by Nigerian highlife singer Adekunle Gold, it sound blissed-out and adoring, yet never sickly.

The album’s sound diverts from both the “wonky funk” of her debut For tudo de We Know e 2018’s synth-heavy Mercury-nominated Saturn. A beats estão still in place e still commonly redolent of 90s R&B – an influence that heightens the impact that Postcards, der collaboration with experimentar US artist Serpentwithfeet whose ethereal retro flavour underlines that you’re listening to something girlfriend would never have heard in ns 90s: der man to sing an R&B ballad around his sexualmente relationship com another man.

But the música tone appears to have actually shifted to answer a title track’s query about “how come float as soon as there’s no decorrer control”. Ns electronics are dialled down to naquela series the delicate, airy shimmers e ghostly vapour trails. Over there is naquela stark piano ballad, Wait, but a album’s an essential instrument is electric guitar, liberally smeared with vaguely shoegaze-y effects. ~ above Woman, der fabulous, witty duet com Lianne La Havas, it’s revolutionized into naquela muffled, elastic sound that slips and slides around a song’s reggae-inspired rhythm.


It’s a musical setting that points up the appealing weightless top quality of Nao’s voice (even if she is capable of slipping into an earthy London accent, together on far better Friend, over there is commonly something otherworldly about her unaffected alto tone) e lends the whole album a hazily clear early-autumn feel. That fits with the overall optimism of the songs, which even seeps into ns tracks about romantic strife. On paper at least, Glad the You’re gone sounds like one of those Adele songs in i beg your pardon she wishes bountiful good fortuna on she ex’s new relationship with teeth gritted, eyes brimming and hands clutching der photo of his new partner with several this blacked fora in marker pen. However the reality is different: there’s naquela sweetness come both a melody and the echoing vocal harmonies the bolsters the primeiro word of ns title – the sounds together if she is authentically thankful to be o fim of it.

Meanwhile, small Giants has naquela spoken-word section that seems to sum up the album’s in its entirety mood: “The mundo can quiet be together beautiful as you hope as naquela kid … even when winter revolves roughly us, summer is not dead, it there is no been defeated … a next season waits porque o you.” the mood never feels trite on and Then life Was Beautiful, yet oddly contagious instead, perhaps because the songs ~ ~ really strong, the lyrics admirably uncliched. It would certainly take der pretty flinty character no to come longe feeling buoyed, i m sorry is really worthwhile effect for an album to have actually at this juncture in history.

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