Need para Speed: many Wanted is one open-world racing jogos developed through Criterion Games and published by Electronic arts on 4 June 2012. That is the19th rate in the series of Need porque o Speed e it is exit for todos gaming platforms like Microsoft Windows, game stations 3, Xbox 360, playstation Vita, iOS, and Android. Need ao Speed most Wanted PS3 PKG e ISO deserve to be download e installed on any kind of HEN, CFW, HFW exploited sistema along com updates and DLC através da USB or LAN (FTP).

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At ns time of release Need ao Speed many Wanted was able come receive positive reviews em ~ the critics because of this Most Wanted series won ns Spike Video game Award in 2012 para the ideal driving game e also nominates porque o the Best irmão Game conectados Multiplayer at ns 2013 BAFTA Awards.




DeveloperCriterion Games
PublisherElectronic Arts
SeriesNeed para Speed
Game nameNeed ao Speed: most Wanted
PlatformPlayStation 3
Game formatBLUS31010, BLES31010
Release DateOctober 30, 2012
ModeSingle Player, Multiplayer
Supported FirmwareUp come 4.88
Do ns need der jailbroken PS3 painel to operation this game?

Yes, girlfriend need naquela jailbroken PS3 painel to reap this jogos on her CFW/HFW/HEN painel without any cost. PS3 is totally jailbroken. So don’t concern about the firmware version (PS3 Jailbreak 4.88 is live).

What is a difference between CFW and HFW?

In short: both ser estar firmware – HFW = Hybrid Firmware (Can be set up on any kind of PS3 model). CFW = Custome firmware (Can be mounted up come CECH-2508B Model)s the difference between CFW and HFW?

Can ns jailbreak my superslim PS3?

Any version of PS3 have the right to be jailbroken in today’s time. Friend just have to keep one thing in mind, MultiMan assistance HFW/CFW/HEN.

Do I require this jogos update or DLC to run this game?

No, you deserve to simply install and enjoy your jogos with the base version. If you desire to add downloadable contente (DLC) or upgrade your content. Just follow ns DLC, updates installation instructions.

How can I download this jogos on mine PS3?

The Exploited PS3 sistema accepts a lot of different formats such as disk layout (GAME_Folder), PKG, etc. Therefore you have the right to find a complete PS3 game installation overview here.

Can I play the Need para Speed most Wanted game on mine PC?

Yes, you simply need a PS3 emulator called RPCS3 e configure overview to play the Need for Speed many Wanted PS3 jogos on PC/Laptop.


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Hi, not able to download, every equipe click on download it’s goes to an advertisement page. Please any kind of help?

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