AustraliaAugust 18th, 2012
EuropeAugust 17th, 2012
JapanJuly 28th, 2012
N.AmericaAugust 19th, 2012


General information

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developed through Nintendo EAD

Published by Nintendo

Players: single player, Wi-Fi, Multiplayer









Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends estão back in this latest instalment of a famous side-scrolling communication adventure series. Mario"s recent adventure is packed full of todos the standard side-scrolling game play that tudo ages can enjoy. Yet what really renders it a gold traditional in platforming fun is a true riches of brand novo features e gameplay elements.

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Collect thousands and thousands that coins but can you collect naquela million?

Use novo items like the Gold flower, yellow Block e Gold Mushroom to help build up her coin collection.

Encounter new enemies as they try and stop you in her quest.

Play though end 80 levels of platforming madness.

Play together com friends e family via local wireless connection e help add to a Worldwide Coin rude via SpotPass.


Join Mario e Luigi together you play through over 80 levels, tackle novo enemies and attempt come reach the ultimate goal, come collect uma million coins. Novo Super Mario Bros. 2 promises to deliver der fun-filled adventure full of gold gameplay that tudo ages have the right to enjoy, só on Nintendo 3DS e 3DS XL. Story Trouble always seems to uncover its way to ns Mushroom Kingdom. Simply as Mario e Luigi go off on der coin hunting in ns sky, their beloved Princess Peach is kidnapped by ns dastardly Koopalings. A brothers have to venture through end 80 step to rescue her, grabbing an endless deluge of coins across land, water, air, and snow along ns way. The novo Super Mario Bros. 2 game is bursting at a seams with an countless flow of gold coins porque o you come collect. You"ll check out levels filled with gold pipes resulting in coin-filled caverns, gold adversaries leaving behind trails the coins, and new power-ups e items that will push your coin count into a stratosphere. Have the right to you collect a million coins? Shiny new Power Ups and Items Use familiar items such as the Super Leaf, Mega Mushroom e Super star to tackle obstacles in her way. However, novo power-ups have appeared and each one gives you naquela boost come reach novo heights, seize multitudes the coins, and more.

Gold Flower - discover this rare flower come turn into Gold Mario, e wield gold Fireballs that turn almost everything right into coins-bricks, Goombas, you name it. Each opponent you stomp on likewise offers up five coins.

Gold Block - Hit a repeating coin block enough times and it turns gold, acquiring stuck on Mario"s head. Run as quick as possible com this block attached and watch the coins add up at super speed.

Gold Ring - Hop through naquela gold ring and todos enemies will certainly turn into gold for a short time, yielding more coins e coin-producing behaviors. Paris Cheep-Cheeps will certainly have a trail the coins, gold Lakitus will toss coins from the sky, e more.

Gold Mushroom - This an important fungus somente appears in Coin pavio mode. However if you regulate to uncover one, you"ll compreendo 50 coins on the spot.

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New online and multiplayer modes whether you"re in a friendly or competitive mood, enjoy naquela romp through novo Super Mario Bros. 2 com friends and family in a variety of funny modes. Two Player Co-op If you e a friend each have der Nintendo 3DS system e a copy of the game, friend can play through ns entire jogos together with a local wireless connection. Collection double a coins, team up porque o devastating twin Ground Pounds, e more. A buddy can also join in to assist when continuing são de your país Play conserve file.

Coin Rush show off her super an abilities in this mode, whereby you"ll play three levels back-to-back make the efforts to knife as countless coins as possible using only one life. Her Coin rush record is climate saved e can be shared com other football player via the StreetPass feature. These players can try to beat her score, e you can challenge theirs.

Worldwide coin total allow SpotPass communication ao New super Mario Bros. 2, e every coin you collect will be added to ns Worldwide Coin Total, along com other players favor you. Como as high do you think it will go? Let"s find lado de fora together!



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