You might know Nicolas Cage as an action star and filmmaker, but he’s also the father of two kids, Weston Coppola Cage and Kal-El Coppola Cage. The Grand Isle actor added two novo precious members to his family on April 8, as Weston’s wife, Hila Aronian, provided birth to identical twin daughters. Keep scrolling come learn more about his sons.

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How Old ~ ~ His Kids?

The oscar winner welcomed his eldest son, Weston, in December 1990 com actress Christina Fulton. As longe as his younger son, Nicolas e his third wife, Alice Kim, invited Kal-El in October 2005. He foi ~ reportedly named after ns DC character, Superman.



Did His sons Follow in His Footsteps?

Weston currently started pursuing der career in the entreter business, having showed up in Lord that WarRaven as fine as ns action-packed series NCIS: los Angeles. Kal-El also secured der role in Teen Titans go! to the Movies, doing ns voice of der young Bruce Wayne.

Is that Over ns Moon About a New family Additions?

“This is naquela very happy time para Nic e the whole family,” naquela source told In Touch exclusively about his reaction to a arrival the his newest grandchildren. “I’m sure Nic will certainly be incredibly hands-on as der granddaddy e everyone is therefore happy for him.”

Weston and his wife, Hila, choose to name their valuable baby girl Cyress Zara and Venice Zohar Cage Coppola, revealing their an innovative monikers in an notice on Facebook e Instagram. The new dad also shares two sons with ex-wife Danielle Cage, 5-year-old Lucian e 3-year-old Sorin.

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What an interesting time para the Cage family!

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