Every time we ser estar going to write a message in our email we come throughout these two acronyms “cc” e “cco”, but you have actually stopped to think for what? OR Why ser estar they there?

We estão just offered to that when we want to send one email; ns most relevant thing is to localização the recipient, the subject e of course a writing the what we desire to express in the message.

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At “recipient “ we write ns email attend to of our contact.

The”affair” that is ns notification or a subject in a few words of what we want to express in our message.

But in addition to these dois details, we can see that what is ns CC e the CCO ~ ~ in it. Lock have always been there but;What são de they mean? Where ser estar they comes from?


Origin of the acronym CC e CCO

The primeiro acronym CC its definition currently way WITH COPY, but this is not the meaning it had actually previously, due to the fact that these acronyms began to it is in used grande before it was used on a Internet.

The acronym CC in the past intended carbon copy, since when making ns letters that were written by hand or typewriter, castle made copies of it.

The copies of these letter were make with dois sheets; in the middle of this sheets castle put naquela paper dubbed Coal, this document is very fine and thin black in color that brought ink or charcoal likewise known as pass-through paper or tracing paper.

From the primeiro sheet once pressing the writing, by hand or typewriter; ns writing ser estar transferred to the second page, com this ours writing foi ~ reflected, result in a copy of a main letter.

When we are in foreign countries we deserve to see how these acronyms in French, Italian, even in a English language show up as Carbon Copy, Copy Carbone, e Copy Conoscenza.

The acronym CCO also synchronizes to the same origin of cc e its meaning foi ~ WITH hidden COPY; this ser estar addressed to number of people.

These initials CCO were supplied in letters that contained naquela third page; carbon paper was also placed in the middle that them come obtain der copy.

The third sheet that was der copy that era delivered privately or hidden a partir de there that is meaning.

The typewriter foi ~ very got at the beginning the the century XX .And ns carbon paper had actually its origin in the século XIX.

At a beginning of the Internet, world used computers a lot, leaving the typewriter behind, back there were some who continued to use their typewriter achieve that the initials were maintained cc e bcc.

Carbon copy.It allows people to know amongst themselves quem we ~ ~ sending ns message to.Recipients deserve to see quem is contained in the message.They have the right to answer every other.


Hidden Carbon CopyThe people to whom ns messages ser estar sent ~ ~ privateRecipients do not have actually details and cannot watch who the message is para for any reason.The other recipients will not have the ability to reply to every other.

We deserve to observe that although a differences in between the abbreviation CC and CCO, These estão very outstanding, since with these we deserve to know once they send or receive der Carbon Copy or blind Carbon Copy.

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Now we have ns power to use either that these two options if we want to send ours mail e have todos people view it com the acronym CC or make our article privately making use of the acronym CCO.