When we boot up our Windows 10 computer, whether it is a máy vi tính or desktop, one of the first things we expect is to hear sound. Unfortunately, a lot of Windows users are running into lớn an error that causes Windows audio services lớn fail. Most users will report having a little red “x” on their sound icon located in their taskbar và when hovered over, will see the “audio service is not running” error message. This simply means that your sound device is not responsive sầu and needs lớn be fixed. 

What is the Root Problem Behind the Audio Error?

In the majority of cases, the root problem is that one of the dependencies that the Windows audio service relies on has become disabled or has failed to lớn start automatically during the boot up process. A temporary fix is to restart your computer, but this can get tedious very fast. Instead, use the methods below lớn permanently get your audio back.

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7 Ways to lớn Fix the Error và Get Audio Bachồng.

1. Change Your Computer’s Volume.

Yes, it sounds a bit silly but simply increasing or decreasing your computer’s volume may be enough to lớn fix the issue. The reason for this is that if the audio isn’t running or working as it should, increasing or decreasing the volume will kichồng start the audio service inkhổng lồ running


If your sound ibé in your taskbar has a red “x” on it, your audio service is not running. Cliông xã on the sound ibé to lớn get a volume slider lớn pop up.Use the volume slider khổng lồ either decrease or increase your sound. Doesn’t have to be by a lot, but a few decibels will vày.If the red “x” on the sound icon has disappeared, you should no longer get the “audio service is not running” error when you hover your mouse over the “x” as it will have disappeared.

Test your sound out now. It should be working as intended.

2. Restart Your Windows Audio Service và All Dependencies.

Sometimes stopping and restarting a program is an easy solution as it allows you lớn ensure that all components of the program are working in the order that they should be. If a dependency that the Windows audio service relies on, stops working, then restarting will help fix this.


xuất hiện up your “run dialogue” box. You can either search up “run”, right-clichồng your start thực đơn and open from there or hit the Windows key on your keyboard & press “R”.Type in services.msc & hit the okay button.In the Services configuration window that pops up, find: the Windows audio service, the Windows audio endpoint builder service, and the multitruyền thông class scheduler service, if it is available.Right-clichồng on each of these, choose properties, and make sure that the startup is phối lớn automatic.Once all are phối to automatic on startup, you want khổng lồ either cliông xã on each of them in the configuration window and hit restart or right-clichồng them and hit restart.

From here, you can exit out of the window you are in and you should no longer see the “audio service is not running” error và the little red “x” should be removed from your sound icon in your taskbar.

3. Reinstall Drivers or Choose khổng lồ Rollbaông xã or Update Them.

If you’ve recently updated your audio drivers, it is safe to lớn reason that the problem could be from an incorrect installation or incompatible audio drivers. Any of these issues can prevent the driver from communicating with your hardware, causing there khổng lồ be no sound. To reinstall, rollbaông chồng, or update your drivers, you will need lớn use the device manager.


In your Windows search bar (beside your start menu), tìm kiếm “device manager” and clichồng on the application that comes up. You can also open the device manager by using the “run dialogue” box và typing in devmgmt.msc.In the device manager window, find the “Sound, Clip, & game controllers” option in the các mục and hit the arrow lớn expvà it.Select the audio driver that you are using and right-cliông chồng it. Hit the uninstall option.Once uninstalled, right-cliông xã again & choose the “scan for hardware changes” as this will prompt the re-installation of the audio driver.If the re-installation does not fix the issue, roll the driver bachồng by right-clicking on it, hitting properties, and choosing the “rollback driver” from the driver details tab.If rolling baông xã the driver does not work và reinstalling it does not work, right-cliông chồng on the audio drive sầu one last time and try updating it.

If updating the driver does not work, move onto another fix in this danh sách.

4. Use the Troubleshoot Option in Your Windows Settings.

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If you’ve sầu put your computer through any manual or automatic hardware or software changes recently, the configuration setups from these could be causing the “audio service is not running” error. To find out if this is the case, use the “troubleshoot” option in your Windows settings.


Either search for “settings” using your Windows search bar or hit the Windows key on your keyboard with “I” lớn bring the settings window up.Find the “update and security” option in the danh mục và clichồng it.Find the troubleshoot option from the left-hand menu pane & clichồng it.Under the “get up and running” section, find the “playing audio” option and cliông xã it. Then hit the “run troubleshooter” for it.

Once the troubleshooter has finished, see if the issue persists.

5. Use the Command Prompt lớn Fix Local Account Configurations.

If you think that you’ve messed up local tài khoản configurations, you can use the comm& prompt tool khổng lồ fix them & lớn automatically start the audio service.

Search up the command prompt in your search thực đơn and right-clichồng it to run it “as an administrator”.Type in the following commands inlớn the command prompt tool, hitting Enter after each localgroup Administrators /add networkservicenet localgroup Administrators /add localserviceSC config Audiosrv start= autoREG ADD “HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesAudiosr” /V start /T REG_DWord /D 2 /F secedit /configure /cfg %windir%infdefltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose

See if the problem still persists.

6. Try Modifying Your Computer’s Registry .

You can always see if the problem is in your registry. If it is, you can modify the registry to lớn solve the issue. Please note that this should only be undertaken by users with the understanding that editing the registry can cause serious problems if done wrong. Here are the exact steps:

Open up your “run dialogue” program again và type in regedit to open up your registry editor.Find the HKEY that is for your local system. It should read: HKEY_Local_MachineSystemCurrentControlSetServicesAudioEndPointBuilderParameter.Find the ServiceDll. Look at the data column và if it reads %SystemRoot%System32Audiosrv.dll then this is what is causing the “audio service is not running” error. Replace the above value with %SystemRoot%System32AudioEndPointBuilder.dllApply changes, cthua the registry editor, và restart your computer.

7. If You Are Using a Different User Account – Change the Log-on Settings.

While it would make sense for the audio configurations to be the same across all user accounts on a local computer, sometimes that’s not the case. To check khổng lồ make sure that the audio is configured for the user trương mục you are on, you will need khổng lồ look at the log-on settings.

Open up the “run dialogue” box and type in the services.msc command.Hit enter và in the new window that opens up, find the “Windows audio” service option. Right-click on it & hit properties.Find the “log-on” tab at the top and kiểm tra mark the “local system account” option.Exit out và see if you still get the “audio service is not running” error. If you vì chưng, re-open the log-on settings using the above steps và instead, kiểm tra the “account” option and type in “local service” in the box underneath it.Create a password for this và confirm it.Apply the changes.See if the problem still persists.

If you have sầu exhausted this các mục of solutions and the problem still persists, you may need khổng lồ see if there is a problem with your hardware. It could be the WIFI chipmix in your motherboard giving you problems or an issue with an Ethernet port or WIFI LAN Card. To double check this, boot your computer inlớn safe mode lớn rule out any third-buổi tiệc nhỏ problems & if the problem still persists, have your hardware looked at by a speciadanh mục.

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