Did you recently receive sầu a message “Your Account Has Been Suspended”, “the site you are trying lớn access is suspended”, “”trương mục suspended liên hệ your hosting provider”” or a similar message from your hosting provider?

We have detected that your www.example.com trang web is infected with malicious code và a huge number of email spam messages originating from it. In order lớn prsự kiện further malicious activity from your tài khoản we have sầu limited access lớn it, because malware is a threat not only khổng lồ the health of your own website but also to the other accounts hosted on the same VPS.

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You may see a full report on the malware location by clicking on the button “Security Report” & logging inkhổng lồ your hosting account’s cPanel.

After you have sầu cleaned the malicious code, you may request code Reviews via the button “Request Review” lớn see if the cleanup has been complete & successful.

When hosting a website, one needs khổng lồ be careful about the security and the maintenance of the trang web. When using a hosting service there are rules to lớn be followed and terms to be met. But what happens when you find your trang web suspended by the host? Here are some warning messages shown by Web browser if your trang web is infected.

The first step is to lớn know about the reasons that the host has suspended your trang web for.

1. Website suspension due to non-compliance with terms and conditions:

Abuse of terms of usage: While opting for a hosting service, one needs to lớn sign up for several terms of usage. The service providers expect the users khổng lồ follow these terms religiously. Moreover, any breach of these terms usually results in the termination of the website or you will find your website suspended.

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Payment pending: If you are using a không tính phí hosting service then you need not worry about any payment. However, the case is different when using a paid hosting service. They generally have sầu rigid & automated payment mechanism. Thus, it is easy for them khổng lồ log any unpaid dues and payments. Then, they will either suspend the website or terminate the contract altogether. This is surprisingly one of the most comtháng reasons for any trang web suspended.

Please kiểm tra the below URLs if your

Did host suspend your website? Drop us a message on the chat widget & we’d be happy lớn assist you with your website. Fix my suspended trang web now.

Over usage of servers: Free hosting services generally have limited & lesser VPS resource as compared to the paid services. However, even in paid services, there is a limit khổng lồ how much a user can use the hệ thống resources. Thus, if your trang web has any script or code that is using too much of the server’s resources, then the service provider will detect it. Moreover, there is a chance that the hosting service will suspkết thúc your website khổng lồ complete an investigation. You need khổng lồ wait until the investigation is over or you get rid of the error.Over usage of CPU: Most of the paid hosting services bởi not have any limitations on the usage of the computing power. However, if in rare cases the service provider identifies that a website is using too much of the CPU & impacting other websites then you will find the hosting company might suspover your website. You can bring baông chồng up the trang web after removing any resource hungry scripts or plugins.

2. Website says account suspended: Cheông xã if your trang web is hacked or infected with malware

Blacklisting of a website by Google

At Astra, we have sầu a team of security experts who have helped hundreds of website owners and developers to secure their trang web from attackers. We can help you to fix your suspended trang web.

Steps to take after you receive sầu “Your Account Has Been Suspended” from hosting provider

Any downtime for your website is potentially damaging to your clients và to the trang web too. Getting the website baông xã live is the prime concern in such cases. There may be various reasons as lớn why the hosting service suspended the trang web. However, before beginning any investigation khổng lồ identify the reason, there are a few steps one should take. These steps are lớn ensure that you can make your website live as soon as possible and lớn prevent permanent damage:

Take a backup of your trang web. If your host has a backup service, then you should upload a copy of that to the cloud. This will ensure that your website is safe.When you are sure of the backup, you must begin transferring it khổng lồ another host. This will reduce the downtime of the trang web.

Hosting provider suspended your website? Drop us a message on the chat widget & we’d be happy to assist you with your trang web.

While all the previous processes continue, you must promptly insize all your clients và readers. You must use the channels you commonly use khổng lồ communicate with your viewers & clients.

Steps to lớn fix “This Account Has Been Suspended” website problem

This Account has been suspended message.

These are the first sida to lớn a suspended trang web. However, our website needs a proper investigation to find out the error & rectify it.

The first step is identifying if your trang web truly suspended or if there is any network problem. As mentioned above, using a proxy service can help you confirm any possibilities of network errors. You can also get a status of your DNS khổng lồ kiểm tra if it is active sầu on all servers.The second step khổng lồ take is inquiring with the hosting company as khổng lồ what was the reason for the trang web suspension. The hosting service may assist you in identifying the cause for suspending your trang web. They might be able khổng lồ help you identify the infections và the infected files. If there is an issue with payment, then they will guide you lớn sort it out.

For suspended WordPress website

Page shown for website suspended by the host
If your WordPress website is suspended, then you can install a fresh copy of the website. This step is useful if the service provider is not able lớn give you the các mục of infected files. To vì this, you need to lớn tải về three files namely .htaccess tệp tin, wp-config.php tệp tin & wp-content thư mục. You also need lớn remove all other files và folders that you might be using outside of WordPress. After that, you will have sầu lớn tải về the zip file và unzip it to lớn upload it. Doing this will install a new and infection free website.Once you have sầu restored the files, you need to install those files you backed up in the previous step. You need to find the root directory of your account và then upload those files. There might be a chance that these files may contain malware. Thus, you need to lớn use a security tool khổng lồ scan these files.Once you have sầu installed a new copy of the trang web, you also need khổng lồ kiểm tra the status of the DNS. To reconfigure the DNS, you need to change the nameservers and add the new hosting that you added.

How Astra can help

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Astra offers, aý muốn other security services, all-around security for your trang web. Astra has a dedicated team with expertise in maintaining & securing websites. Features lượt thích malware removal and manual trang web security review will keep your trang web safe và avoid situations like trang web suspension. You can easily get help và assistance from the team at Astra. For safely maintaining your website you can take help from this checklist that Astra has precisely designed lớn assist you. With Astra, you can stay updated all the time about your trang web.